Judas’ Betrayal Of Jesus Was Not Pre-Ordained

Judas’ Betrayal of Jesus Was Not Pre-Ordained


This mediated message informs us that Judas’ betrayal of Jesus was not pre-ordained. The message describes what kind of person Judas was and shows that his motives were not malicious.  For other information about the life and ministry of Jesus, go to this page and the related articles.

It Was Not Ordained by God That Judas Should Betray Jesus. Judas Was Not a Bad Man.


(August 15th, 1915 | Received by James Padgett)

I AM HERE. John.

There are some things in my Gospel that do not seem to be very plain, and perhaps are contradictory; but you must remember that many of these writings were not mine or written at my dictation. In the mutations of time, many things have been added to and subtracted from what I wrote and, as a consequence, the true and the untrue are mixed.

It will be a very difficult task for you to make the distinction in simply reading or even studying the Bible, for the tenor of the writings is the same. The only way that you can separate the true from that which is not is to wait until Jesus gives you his messages. Of course, we can also help in that particular.

(Mr. Padgett asked John a question about the so-called “betrayal” of Jesus by Judas Iscariot.)

Well, that was not the word which he used, because he never taught that it was ordained by God that Judas should betray him. In fact, the death of Jesus was never a part of that which the Father considered as necessary to the performance of his mission.

Of course, it was certain that Jesus would die. But the manner of his death was not foreordained, as my Gospel written in your Bible declared. Judas was not a bad man, as he is depicted to be. And his betrayal, as it is called, of the Master was not for the purpose of gratifying any avarice that he might be supposed to have had, or because of any jealousy or desire to revenge a wrong, but it was because he was impulsive and had a belief in Jesus’ powers and ability to overcome the Jewish leaders in their fight to defeat the objects of Jesus’ mission. And he thought he would be doing the Master and his cause a great benefit by having it demonstrated to these Jews that the Master could not be silenced or harmed by any act of theirs. It was really an act that grew out of his love for and belief in the greatness of the Master’s powers.

Well, I tell you that Jesus never said any such thing. He never even told us that one of us should betray him, and I know because I was there.

If Jesus knew that Judas would betray him, he did not tell any of us at that time. And we only knew it for the first time when Judas actually committed the act. I don’t believe that Jesus knew it before that time. In fact, he has told me that he was surprised at Judas’ betrayal of him. So, you must not rely on the Bible statement as to what occurred at that time.

Judas was the youngest of the disciples, and not so easily controlled in his impulses and acts as he would have been had he been older.

(Mr. Padgett asked another question.)

Yes, I know, but they are all based upon the same erroneous writings. For you must know that these Gospels, as you have them, are not the originals written by those whose names they bearLet not these things disturb your belief in the essential Truths which the Bible contains.

The trouble is that Jesus, as the individual, is given the prominence which should be given to his teachings. He is displeased very much because of this. And one of the great objects of his writing his Truths anew is to correct that error, and make the Truths which he received from the Father the prominent things. As you progress in your writings, you will see that this is the great object of which he shall write.

(Mr. Padgett asks about his soul progression.)

Well, I will tell you that you are in the way to receive the Father’s Love in very great abundance. In fact, so much so that you will realize that you are one with the Father.

I see that you have some difficulties in your way at present, but they will soon disappear and leave you free to do this great work. So, my advice is to believe in the Master and pray to the Father, and soon you will be a much happier man.

(Mr. Padgett asks a personal question of John.)

When on earth, I was a married man, and the mother of Jesus lived in my family until her death. She, Mary, now lives near me. She is a beautiful spirit and filled with the Love of the Father. But you must not suppose that, because she was the mother of Jesus, she has any more exalted position than she otherwise would have had. Family ties do not determine anything in the higher spheres—the soul development is the criterion. Many spirits are living in higher spheres than Mary.

I will not write more now.

Your brother in Christ,



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