The Mystery of the Empty Tomb

The Mystery of the Empty Tomb


This mediated message explains the mystery of the empty tomb — how Jesus had the power to dematerialize his physical body, and again re-create it to appear to his disciples in a flesh-and-blood body. He did not physically “rise from the dead” and there will be no such bodily resurrection for  his followers. For related information about Jesus, go to this page and the related articles.


Luke, the Apostle, Explains the Dematerialization of Jesus’ Earthly Body.


(October 24th, 1915 | Received by James Padgett)


I AM HERE. Luke, writer of the Third Gospel that was.

I was with you tonight at the meeting of the Spiritualists, and heard the statement of the speaker as to the probabilities of what became of the body of Jesus after the crucifixion.

I was not present at the crucifixion, and, of course, do not personally know what became of the body of Jesus. But I have been told by those who were present that the Bible description of his burial in the tomb of Joseph was true. The body was buried in the tomb of Joseph and was left there by those who placed it in the tomb. It was sealed and a guard set over it to prevent anyone from approaching and interfering with the body, because Jesus had predicted that he would rise again in three days.

After the tomb was sealed, Jesus arose and, without his body of flesh, passed from the tomb and descended into the lower spheres where the dark spirits lived in ignorance and sufferings, and preached to them of the re-bestowal of the Gift of immortality.

The body of flesh became so spiritualized, or etherealized, by the power which Jesus possessed, that its component parts became disseminated by him into the surrounding atmosphere, and he retained only the spiritual body in which he afterwards appeared to the disciples and others.

When he appeared at the meeting of the apostles where Thomas, “the Doubter,” was present, he recalled to his form, as you will better understand by my using such expression, elements of the material, so that the body was as much like flesh and blood in appearance as when it was placed in the tomb, and before he had disseminated these elements, as I have said.

The flesh and blood which encloses the spirit form of man, as you may have heard, is continually changing in obedience to the ordinary laws of nature as understood by man. And as Jesus understood and had power to call into operation other laws of nature, he caused such other laws to operate so that the dissemination of the elements of flesh and blood took place, and he was left only with the spirit form.

This, I know, has been a great mystery to mankind since the time of the discovery of the absence of Jesus’ body of flesh by the watchmen at his tomb. And because of this being such a mystery, and as an only explanation of such disappearance, men have believed, and taught, that Jesus’ body of flesh and blood actually arose from the dead and, therefore, that the real body of flesh and blood of mortals will also arise in what they call the “great resurrection day.”

But no body of flesh and blood arose, and the spirit form of Jesus did not remain in the tomb after the dissemination of the material body; for no tomb or other place could confine the spirit. You will remember that, on the third day, Jesus appeared to Mary who was most intimate and familiar with the appearance of Jesus. Yet, she did not recognize him, but thought he was the gardener, and so with the disciples who were travelling with him to Emmaus. Now, if he had retained his body of flesh and blood, do you not suppose that they would have recognized him?

If he had the power to resume that material body into which Thomas thrust his hand and found it to be a body in the appearance of flesh and blood, do you think it strange or wonderful that he would have had the power to cast off his earthly body while in the tomb, and cause it to disappear into thin air? This, I am informed, is the true explanation of the disappearance of the material body of Jesus. And to me and to others who understand the laws of nature—I mean that nature that is beyond the ken of men—it is not surprising or worthy to be deemed a mystery.

I am glad that I went with you to the meeting tonight, as I became impressed with the desirability of making this great mystery a mystery no longer.

With all my love, I am
Your brother in Christ,


Thomas Carlyle Comments on What Luke Wrote About Jesus Dematerializing His Body after His Crucifixion


I AM HERE. Thomas Carlyle, Celestial spirit.

I merely want to say that I was present when Luke wrote, and heard what he said, and was much interested. This very question used to be a great stumbling block to my belief in the resurrection of Jesus, because it seemed to me that the resurrection of the material body was so improbable, under the circumstances as narrated in the Bible, that it was difficult for me to believe the story.

But now I can understand very readily because I am acquainted with the laws governing the formation and disintegration of the material, as the scientists say, enabling the physical body of Jesus to disappear into the surrounding atmosphere.

I wish that I had understood this fact when I was a mortal, for then many other things would have appeared to me as probably true. I would have been in a different state of belief as to spiritual things, and my progress here towards higher spheres would not have been delayed.

It is to be deplored that this so-called “mystery” was not explained in the Bible, for, had it been, man would not now be in darkness as to the meaning of the resurrection. And the many thousands who believe that the soul and spirit go into the grave to await the “great judgment day” would not be in such condition of delusion and have to suffer the consequences of such false belief in the stagnation of their soul progression, which will surely come to them.

I hope you will give this explanation to the world and let men know the truth that there will be no resurrection of the body of flesh, as taught by the churches, and that such body no longer contains the soul or spirit body upon its decease.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again.

Your brother in Christ, THOMAS CARLYLE.


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