Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 2

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with the truths surrounding the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


Chapter 2 – The Truths Surrounding the Birth
and Life of Jesus of Nazareth


* Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Declares That Jesus Was the Natural Son of Her Husband, Joseph, and Herself

John, the Apostle, Affirms That Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Wrote to Mr. Padgett

* Saul Also Affirms That Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Wrote to Mr. Padgett. He Adds That Neither Was She a “Virgin” Nor Is She Pleased When Mortals Worship Her

Mrs. Padgett Affirms That John, Saul, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Wrote to Her Husband

* John, the Baptist, Declares That Jesus Was the True Messiah and the True Christ, as He So Taught When on Earth

* Josephus, the Jewish Historian, Affirms That Jesus Is a True Son of God Who Lived on Earth and Was Crucified

* Josephus Supplies Additional Information Relating to His Previous Message

* Lazarus Declares That He Was Not Dead When He Was Raised by Jesus. He Also Confirms That Jesus Taught the Rebestowal of the Divine Love

* Judas Explains Why He Betrayed Jesus

* Jesus Explains His “End of the World” Prophecy, as Recorded in Matthew’s Gospel in the New Testament

* Mrs. Padgett Encourages Her Husband to Pray More

* Jesus Reacts to a Speaker’s Discourse on: “The Drama of St. Paul.” He States That Some Things That Were Said Were True, and Some Were False

* Paul Also Comments on the Preacher’s Sermon: “The Drama of St. Paul,” and Describes Some of His Own Experiences When on Earth

* Ann Rollins Tells of Her Experience in Seeking the Divine Love of God, and in Realizing That He Is Her Father. Also, She Describes Jesus’ Appearance

* Jesus Confirms Ann Rollins’ Description of His Appearance