Matthew 24 Regarding the End of the World

Matthew 24 Regarding the End of the World


In these two messages Jesus explains what is meant in Matthew 24 regarding the end of the world. He, as well as James’ wife Helen in the follow-up message, are also exhorting James to pray more to be in condition for receiving further spiritual messages. For related information, go to this page and this page.


Jesus Explains His “End of the World” Prophecy,
as Recorded in Matthew’s Gospel in the New Testament


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 I would like to write tonight, but you are not just in condition, though much better than you have been. Soon, I anticipate I will be able to deliver my messages again. Take my advice and pray more, and you will find yourself much helped into the condition which is necessary in order that I may make the rapport. I merely write this tonight to let you know that I am with you and waiting to write.

You must not let your faith decrease, but believe with all your soul that we communicate with you and are with you trying to help you in every way. You must do the work and keep up your faith in us.

(Before leaving, will you please explain to me what you meant by the “end of the world” prophecy you gave, as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel.)

Well, so far as that prophecy (Matt. 24:3) is concerned, it referred to the fall of Jerusalem. At that time—I mean just prior to, and at the time of, the destruction of Jerusalem—the whole world was in that condition that the prophecy speaks of. I did not know anything about the present condition of the earth, and could not have referred to these times, or to what may now happen among men. The “end of the age,” as it should be written, referred to the ending of the Jewish dispensation, and not to the end of the physical world. The world was not to be destroyed at the time the prophecy was to be fulfilled, and no man or spirit now knows when the earth will cease to exist. Only God knows that, and He has never revealed it. But this I do know: that such an event will never take place until He has worked out His Plan for the ending of the world. And, I believe, it will be many centuries yet before such an ending to the earth and the visible world will take place. And I do not know that it ever will have an ending, and no human can foretell the same. So, you need not bother about these things.

Each human will have his ending of the earth life, and that will be, in effect, the end of the world to him. And his duty is to prepare for that ending and what will surely follow. Sometime, I will write you on this subject.

There are many matters yet to be disclosed, and this disclosure waits only for your getting in the proper condition to receive the same. You can see the importance of this, for the end of the world is coming each day to many mortals, which is so important for them to know.

Think more of the spiritual things, and of your work.

Believe that I am with you often, and especially when you pray at night, according to my promise. Good night.

Your brother and friend, JESUS.


Mrs. Padgett Encourages Her Husband to Pray More

 I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, dear, I am pleased that the Master wrote to you tonight, for it indicates that you are getting in better condition. You must bend all your efforts to accomplish the objects, the great objects, of your selection, and not let other things interfere, as they have done for some time past. If you will only pray more and turn your thoughts to the spiritual things, you will soon find yourself in the condition which will enable the spirits to make the rapport.

Pray to the Father, and say good night.

Your own true and loving HELEN.


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