Lazarus Confirms That Jesus Taught the Rebestowal of Divine Love

Lazarus Confirms That Jesus Taught the Rebestowal of Divine Love


In this mediated message Lazarus confirms that Jesus taught the rebestowal of Divine Love, but surprisingly the gospels of his disciples don’t say much about it. He states that he wasn’t truly dead when raised by Jesus. For related information, go to this page and the related articles.


Lazarus Declares That He Was Not Dead When He Was Raised by Jesus.
He Also Confirms That Jesus Taught the Rebestowal of the Divine Love


I AM HERE. Lazarus.

I am the one whom Jesus called from the grave. I merely want to say that I was not dead when I was resurrected, but had on me the “sleep of death.” But I was not entirely a spirit separated from my body. I know this because, if I had been a wholly separated spirit, Jesus could not have brought me to life again. No spirit, once entirely liberated from the body, can ever return to it and reanimate the body. I know the Bible says, or the inference from what it says is that I was dead; but this is not true, as I have stated above.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens in a sphere that is not numbered, but very near those in which the disciples live. My sisters are also in the Celestial Heavens. We all believed in the teachings of the Master, and consequently became imbued with his doctrine of the necessity for the Divine Love to come into our souls.

While on earth, Jesus did teach us that God had again bestowed on man this Divine Love, and we believed it. I know that the disciples were taught this same doctrine, but just how far they understood this teaching I do not know. It is strange that they did not declare it in their gospels, but such seems to be the fact; and it is unaccountable why this important Truth was not preserved and taught in their writings. I know that it is the Truth, and that only those who have received this Love in their hearts can become inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens. Men may refuse to believe this great Truth if they will, and think that by attending church and worshiping God in their service with their lips they will be able to enter the Kingdom, but they will find themselves mistaken.

So, in your teachings, let this great Truth be the cornerstone of whatever you may teach.

I am supremely happy and want all mankind to be so. And I came to you to inform you of these Truths so that my testimony may be added to that of those who may have written to you.

Jesus is in the spirit world, working to teach men and spirits his Truths. He comes to you and writes. And you must believe the fact, for it is a fact.

I must stop now. So, I will say good night.



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