Correct Way to Live to Achieve Purification of Natural Love

Correct Way to Live to Achieve Purification of Natural Love


This mediated message deals with the correct way to live to achieve purification of the natural love. It points out that man created the sinful condition through wrong thoughts and desires and must be involved in remedying it by reversing the process. The message continues. For more on this topic, see other messages in Chapter 7.


What Is the Correct Way in Which a Man Should Live on Earth
in Order to Receive the Cleansing from His Sins
So That He Can Acquire the Purification of His Natural Love?


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I come tonight according to my promise, and desire to write my message if you are in condition to receive it. I wish to write on the subject of: “What Is the Correct Way in Which a Man Should Live on Earth in Order to Receive the Cleansing from His Sins So That He Can Acquire the Purification of His Natural Love?”

Heretofore, I have referred almost exclusively in my messages to the redemption of the soul by means of the Divine Love so that the redeemed one may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres. Now, I will deal only with that cleansing that will fit him to live in the highest and purest of the spirit spheres where he can have the happiness which a pure, natural love will bring to him.

As has been written to you, the soul, as it was created and placed in man at the time of its creation in human form, or, rather, at the time it found a habitation in that form, was made pure and perfect and in complete harmony with the Laws of God controlling its existence. Only after the fall, by reason of man’s own indulgence in the animal appetites and desires, did it lose its purity and become contaminated by sin and error. And, ever since that time, it has remained in such condition of impurity and alienship to God and His Laws.

This impurity has been the lot of each succeeding generation of men, and has never been eradicated from men’s souls, notwithstanding all the moral instructions that man has acquired. But, still, there have been wonderful improvements in the purity of man’s thoughts, as well as in his actions and habits of life, since the turning from the bottom of his degeneracy.

Now, there are several ways in which man may succeed in acquiring that purity that existed at the time of the creation of the first man; and, in time, this consummation will be accomplished. But, in these ways, man, himself, will have to be an important, working factor. For man is the highest of God’s Creation, with powers and will possessed by no other of God’s creatures; and there is no power in heaven or earth that can or will redeem man from this condition of sin and error unless man will cooperate in the work, and, that, to the greatest and best of his ability.

These sins that I speak of were created by man’s thoughts and desires, carried into acts and deeds by the operation of his will, and they must be removed by the same process. Where the evil thoughts and deeds created that which contaminated and defiled the qualities of his soul, these evil thoughts and deeds must be supplanted by good thoughts and deeds in order that the defilement may be removed and the soul purified.

Evil thoughts are born of suggestions, both inward and outward, and also of the influences of spirits of evil who establish a rapport with the mortals.

Let us postpone the writing, for our rapport is not just right. I will come soon and finish. With all my love, I am

Your brother and friend, JESUS.



Mrs. Padgett Explains Why the Previous Message from the Master Had to Be Discontinued


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, I am sorry that you could not continue the writing, for the Master was very anxious to write the whole message tonight.

(Why could he not have done so? It seemed to have been going fine.)

Well, you were not in condition, and it was hard work for the Master to control your hand and brain. It may be that your brain was tired, and he could not transmit the thoughts. But you may have better success next time.

(Well, please convey my apologies to him. I certainly wanted to take his message tonight.) He understands, and says that you must not feel bad about it.

Good-bye for a while.

Your own true and loving HELEN.



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