Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 5

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with the nature and importance of prayer. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


Chapter 5 – The Importance of Prayer


* Peter, the Apostle, Urges Mr. Padgett to Pray More for the Divine Love

* Jesus Communicates His Approval of Mr. Padgett’s Church Attendance, Even Though Many There Make the Great Mistake of Worshipping Him and Believing That His Blood Saves Them

* John Affirms That the Divine Love Is Ever Waiting to Fill the Soul, and Will When One’s Soul Longings Are Earnest and Sincere

* Jesus Explains That One Result of Obtaining the Divine Love Is the Removal of the Effect of Worry. He Also Stresses That Prayer Is a Wonderful Help When Offered with the True Longings of the Soul, and That Such Prayer Will Always Elicit a Response

* Mrs. Padgett Comments on Prayer’s Use to Remove Worry

* Jesus Describes Mr. Padgett’s Soul Condition, and Gives Him Encouragement to Continue in Prayer for the Divine Love

* John, the Apostle, Explains How and When God Answers Prayer in the Case of Warring Nations

* Mrs. Padgett Refers to a Message That John, the Apostle, Wrote Concerning How Prayers Are Answered for Material Things

* The Master Explains That the Material Things That Men Pray for Are Answered by God Working Through His Ministering Spirits and Angels

* Jesus Explains How the Divine Love May Be Called Upon and Used in the Healing of Our Physical Bodies

* John Speaks on Truth, Knowledge, and Love. He Also Explains How to Solve the Problem of What Is True and What Is Not

* Jesus Refers to Mr. Padgett’s Wife’s Description of the Third Celestial Sphere. He Also Discusses the Importance of Man Seeking for the Divine Love Through Prayer

* The Only Prayer That Man Need Offer to the Father

* Mr. Robert G. Ingersoll Affirms That Jesus Wrote “The Prayer,” and Declared That It Is the Only Prayer Needed to Bring the Divine Love into the Souls of Men




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