Angelic Revelations Volume 1 Chapter 9

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth deal with the Celestial Kingdom of the Divine Angels — those who have become God’s true and redeemed children through having their soul transformed into Divine essence. Related themes are also found here. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages where the messages can be read in their entirety. Hyperlinks without asterisks link to a related page elsewhere on the website.


Chapter 9 — The True Kingdom of Heaven That Jesus Taught on Earth — the Celestial Kingdom


* The Only Way to the Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens. (JESUS).

* Why the Divine Love of God Is Necessary for Man to Possess In Order That He May Become At-One with the Father and an Inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. (JESUS)  

Jesus Recognizes Mr. Padgett’s Grandmother’s Capability in Writing the Truths of the Father. (JESUS)

* The Importance of Knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom. Divine Love Comes Only in Response to the Soul’s Longing Becoming Active for Its Possession. (ANN ROLLINS)      

John Describes the Difference Between the Spirits of the Celestial and the Spirit Spheres, and Their Happiness. (JOHN, THE APOSTLE)

Abraham Lincoln’s Description of the Glories of the Seventh Sphere and His Great Love for Jesus. The Seventh Sphere Is the Highest Before Entering the Celestial Kingdom. (ABRAHAM LINCOLN)           

* Mrs. Padgett (Helen) Describes Her Home in the Celestial Spheres in Detail. (HELEN PADGETT)      

Mrs. Padgett’s Experience of Joy and Grandeur in the Third Celestial Sphere. (HELEN PADGETT)    

* How All Mankind Can Become Divine Angels, and How Erroneous Beliefs Prevent This Consummation. (ANN ROLLINS)

The Celestials Must Work Until the Celestial Kingdom Will Be Closed. The Father Desires All Men to Become At-One with Him in His Divinity of Love. (JOHN, THE APOSTLE)