Angelic Revelations Volume 1 Chapter 17

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth deal with specific truths concerning the Old Testament in the Bible and point out what is correct and what may be inaccurate in the various stories and accounts. Related information is also found here. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages where the messages can be read in their entirety. Hyperlinks without asterisks link to a related page elsewhere on the website.


Chapter 17 — Truths Concerning the Old Testament


* Leytergus Wrote a Book Containing a Description of the Creation and all of Man. The “Book of Genesis” Was Copied After His Writings. (LEYTERGUS)

* Moses Emphasizes the Importance of the Jews Learning the Truths of God, as Proclaimed by Jesus. (MOSES)

* Daniel Writes of His Experience in the Spirit World and His Life on Earth. (DANIEL, PROPHET OF THE OLD TESTAMENT)

* Samuel Recounts His Teaching and Experience When on Earth. He Explains That He Did Not Get the Divine Love Until Jesus Came to Earth. (SAMUEL, PROPHET OF THE OLD TESTAMENT)      

Helen Affirms That Daniel and Samuel Wrote. (HELEN PADGETT) 

Saul Testifies That the Woman of Endor Was Not a Wicked Woman, as Many Believe. (SAUL OF THE OLD TESTAMENT)

Elias Discusses the History of the Times When He Lived on Earth. He States That He Never Knew of the Divine Love Until Jesus Came to Earth and Made Known Its Rebestowal. (ELIAS)      

* Elias Describes His Experience While on Earth and in the Spirit World. He Confirms That the Transfiguration on the Mount Was a Reality. (ELIAS)

* Elias Corrects the Story about Him as Contained in the Old Testament. (ELIAS)

* Lot Adds His Testimony and Experience in the Spirit World. He Affirms That Jesus Is the Ruler of the Celestial Heavens. (LOT OF THE OLD TESTAMENT)