Nature of Creation and Existence

Nature of Creation and ExistenceWhile the universe had a beginning, it is also in a continuous flow of creation with an uncertainty principle build in (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). We never know if the existence of a certain form will persist, or if something will instantaneously take on a completely new form. One of the few absolute truths is that all things are constantly changing.

The idea of a continuous flow of creation completely alters the way we view reality. With a (false) sense of substance and solidity, we tend to have faith in the past and future. History and experience has an important dimension in our reality. In the realm of the divine, there is no past and future as we know it. So with the concept of a continuous creation, we conclude with mystics around the world that only Now exists – perhaps a Now figuratively resting on the palm of God’s hand.

Everything in a given moment is supported by the nature of the Divine. There is a vital relationship between God and every aspect of creation. Each event is sustained and nourished by the power of creation – permeated by the magic of Divine Presence. There is a never-ceasing radiation of creative energy to all the creations which are likely to involve other worlds beyond human senses, for example spirit beings such as angels.

The Big Bang may be better understood as both an event when all the energy needed for the physical universe came into being, and an ongoing creative emanation. There is no separation between the creation and the source of life – they are intertwined. Separateness between God and humans is only a feeling or illusion. If we were separated from our source of life, we could not exist even for a moment.

Both the Creator and creation are integral to the continuation of the universe. The nature of creation is such that they are in a symbiotic relationship, in an ongoing interaction which defines and nurtures each moment – and each moment is another Big Bang impulse. Hence we are also co-creators with God.


Reference: Rabbi David A. Cooper, God Is a Verb, Riverhead Books, New York, 1997, pgs. 65-79

Photo: Alex Peck

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