Best Time to Seek Divine Love

Humans were given a natural love and moral precepts to enable them to live in happiness and harmony with others. When they understand that they are children of God, they have the potential and opportunity for seeking union with the Father and becoming partakers of His Divine Love and nature. The best time for following God’s will and praying for this Love is while in their earthly existence. This is because it is more difficult, though not impossible, to receive this gift while in the spirit world.

Morality and following the Golden Rule lead to happiness on earth as well as in the spirit world, but are not sufficient for soul development, which comes only through the Divine Love. Only the Divine Love will enable entrance into the Kingdom of God or Celestial Kingdom and its accompanying bliss.

Living a good moral life is hugely beneficial and brings one near to the image of God in which their soul was created. However, why be satisfied with only the image of God, when the real substance is available freely for the asking? So humans should seek with all their hearts this greatly superior state – acquiring the Divine Love, which will make them into divine angels possessing divinity and as a result, immortality.

Life on earth is an important part of the great eternity of living. While just a fleeting shadow of the spirit life, it is vital to the happiness which one can enjoy in the future. This is indeed the most important period of the human existence in that the earthly life determines the nature of the spirit life. Therefore this is the best time to seek Divine Love.

Even though the Father’s mercy continues into the spirit life and there is redemption beyond the grave, it is more difficult in the spirit world to seek this higher form of Love. This is because many spirits become very content with the happiness of their natural love and refuse to be convinced that there is a greater Love and happiness awaiting them in the Father’s Kingdom, which may be theirs if they only believe and seek it.

The Sixth Sphere is where the mental and moral qualities are developed to their greatest extent, but the individual’s soul developments lags behind. Yet, this mental and moral excellence gives the spirits in this sphere great happiness and the highest contentment that they can attain to in their progression in the spirit world.

These spirits may increase their happiness as a result of soul development through the Divine Love. However, often they become very content with the happiness of their natural love and refuse to be convinced by the Celestial spirits that there is a greater Love and more happiness available in the Father’s Celestial Kingdom, which they may seek and acquire. Very few become dissatisfied enough with their condition of happiness to desire to improve it.

It is only when spirits realize that they have reached their limit of advancement and begin to experience dissatisfaction in their state of spirit perfection that they become open to learning about and seeking the Divine Love. They need to come to learn from their own experience that what they thought was all-sufficient for their happiness is not sufficient. This realization will lead them to dissatisfaction that causes unrest and a conscious desire for something more. This in turn will result in a desire to learn about and begin to depend on a Source of happiness outside of themselves.

Indeed, both on earth and in the spirit world, few find the narrow way that leads to life of bliss and immortality. Yet if humans seek the Divine Love in faith, they will find it and forever become at one with the Father, who is immortal and happy beyond all conception.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth

Photo: Arjun Kartha