Why Was Dr. Samuels Selected for His Work

Why Was Dr. Samuels Selected for His Work of Receiving Messages


This mediated message explains why was Dr. Samuels selected for his work of receiving messages supplementary to those received by James Padgett.  This supplement, based on the New Testament was necessary so that people could easier accept these new or corrected teachings. For related information, go to this page.


Revelation 1

Dr. Daniel G. Samuels Becomes the Second Mortal Instrument to Receive Jesus’ Truths.
He Is Told That His Present Work Will Be to Receive Messages Regarding Sayings and Incidents Recorded in the New Testament,
Which Will Result in a New and Corrected Gospel for Mankind.

December 22, 1954
Received by Dr. Daniel Samuels.


I am here, Jesus.

I told you this afternoon that I would come tonight to write you and the doctor a message of Love and faith and hope, and it is a particular pleasure for me to do so tonight. For it has been a long time since I have written to a mortal in this way, and I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to write these messages which you have been enabled to receive by your willingness to submit to our influences and suggestions and your desire for things of the spirit.

I should like to tell you how fortunate you are to be able to receive these messages which put you into a condition of closeness with the highest spirits of the Celestial Kingdom, and into a condition of soul which enables you to perceive the Presence of the Heavenly Father whenever the Divine Love glows in your soul in response to your earnest longings and prayers – a physical feeling which is to you as real, even more real, than is your very existence. And, so, I want to emphasize to you the great importance of praying for the Divine Love, which will enable you to have more faith in the Promises of the Father and faith in our messages of revelation to you.

I know it is but a short time since you have begun to receive our messages. We are also aware that your training and apprenticeship for receiving these messages have been very short ones, so that you realize that the reception of our thoughts have not always been perfect in that some of your own conceptions have interfered with ours in the transference of our thoughts into your brain; but, as a matter of fact, you have been able to grasp our ideas and vocabulary, as well as our constructions, to a more than satisfactory degree. And as you continue to exercise your brain in translating our thoughts into the language of the printed page, you will be the better able to prevent your own thoughts from interposing themselves, and to more readily receive directly that which it is our intention to convey to you.

The messages which we have been writing to you are, as you understand, supplementary to those messages which we wrote through Mr. Padgett, and they enter into the scheme which we have devised for furthering the Truths which are now in print under the editorship of our selectee, the good and faithful Dr. Stone.

In the course of the last decade or more, we have been able to perceive just how people of various religious sects have reacted to the reading of these messages. And we realize that there is a considerable amount of skepticism in the minds of these readers, not because of the material which they contain but because of the source from which they come. We are agreed that, while these messages through Mr. Padgett represent the ultimate Truths as far as they have been given and in accordance with Mr. Padgett’s ability to receive them, yet, the great drawback to them as a means of bringing readers to the Divine Love of the Father is the form in which they have been transmitted, although, under the circumstances, the manner of the writings was the only one appropriate. We now feel that, with the great Truths now available in the world of the flesh, a more appropriate form be presented to the reader – a form that would be more readily understood and appreciated by mankind in general. And this is deemed necessary, just as during my mission in Palestine I had to resort to concrete and simple parables for the people to grasp the spiritual messages contained therein, instead of preaching the Kingdom through a direct approach. And thus it is that if these Truths are now presented to the people in the form to which they have been accustomed for centuries – that is to say, in the form of the New Testament, wherein, together with the teachings of the glad tidings of the Divine Love, is added the purification of the gospels from the contaminating errors – the people of the various religious denominations will have been provided with the Truths in a way which they will be more prone to accept and recognize as such. And this is the immediate task which you have been assigned to perform.

I have come with the purpose of helping you obtain the revelations necessary for you to compose the New Gospel. And, when it has been finished, you should have it published. The means for its publication will be found at the time when the book is ready for printing. I also wish to tell you that I will inform you at the time just what is or is not appropriate for printing, and it is understood that many more revelations will be given you, such as you have been receiving.

I think I have said enough about the message for tonight. I want to tell you at this time, so near Christmas, that you have received as of now a certain portion of the Father’s Love to the extent that It has already had a considerable effect upon your human soul, which has been transformed to that extent to the very Essence of the Father. The effect of this transformation has already been made apparent to you in the noticeable change in your character, which has been purged to a certain extent of the animal passions that have been damaging your soul. You have not only perceived this change, but others associated with you have also perceived it. And the evidence of this change or transformation is like a light which heretofore never existed in your personality.

This Christmas, then, is a very different one from the previous ones in your life in that now, for the first time, it is being celebrated by you with a true knowledge of what the Christ Spirit in the life of man means to his soul. And this should be the reason for prayers of gratitude and love to the Heavenly Father that you have some of this Christ Spirit in your soul. You should pray constantly and with more intensity for the increased inflowing of the Love of the Father into your soul, so that your soul will continue to make needed progress towards At-onement with the Father and increased ability to do His Work.

I do not wish to close this message without addressing my faithful friend, the doctor, whose trials and tribulations we are all very much aware of, and to whom we all wish to send our gratefulness and love in this great task of bringing the messages to its final form and distributing them to the world, and whose faith in us has at long last been rewarded with renewed writings from the high spirits, assuring him of all our love and gratitude. And we wish to assure him once again that the help he has needed so badly, when he carried on bravely in the darkness and desert alone, is now at hand. The Work of the Father will now continue with vigor and renewed vitality.

I want to take this opportunity at this Yuletide to tell you how much I love you both, my selectees and followers. I know how much you love the Father and me, and seek the Truths despite the great handicaps of the veil of flesh with which you are encumbered. And I shall close now, praying to the Father that He bless you both with His Divine Love in wonderful portions, and I add my own love to that extent that I have received It from our Father. I bless you and ask you to have more and more faith in me and my co-workers who also send their love and blessings.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens


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