What Occurred During Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion

What Occurred During Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion


In this mediated message Jesus comments on what occurred during his trial and crucifixion. He points out that he did no speaking while on the cross, comments on the darkness that occurred, and mentions that several people, including his father, realized his innocence and the truth of his mission and message. For related information, go to this page and the related articles.


Revelation 20

The True Facts Concerning Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion.

March 7 and May 17, 1955.
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

I am glad to be here tonight to write you on the various points that have come up in your discussions, and I will commence by stating that my knowledge of dematerializing my body was the result not of any psychic powers that I did possess at the time, but due to the soul knowledge which was in me with that sufficiency of the Divine Love which I had obtained through my prayers to the Father at the time.

The story of the crucifixion is one which has appealed mightily to many writers of this and of past ages, and is the one phase of my mortal existence to which I would least refer; and yet it is a factor which must be considered as part of the life of Jesus, the Messiah, and so I will write a few facts about it.

In the first place, it was not in April that I was arrested and put to death, as has been written so often, but it occurred in March, and there are some indications of this in the New Testament, the first being that the day preceding my arrest I taught in the vicinity of the Temple and it thundered so that some of the people who were listening to my discourse thought that an Angel, or God, had spoken to me, so that the weather was cloudy and changeable at night. It was cold, for, as it is recorded in the New Testament, Peter had to warm his hands in the courtyard of the high priest, and the next day at the scene of the crucifixion it grew dark and cloudy, and there were many who thought that this darkness was an indication of God’s anger at the deed.

Now, the fact is that God is Love, and His Divine Love was open to those who were responsible for my death, and He did not express anger because there is no anger in Him; and the storm that darkened that day over Jerusalem simply obeyed the natural order of a new-settled spring at the time.

I wish to say that the trial by the Sanhedrin was in accordance to a rudimentary but superficial degree with the Sadducean laws, but that in the state of that body at the time and its relationship to the ruling priests, they were willing to accept my death by unfair means through perjured witnesses in order to eliminate one whom they considered importunate and dangerous to the Hebrew religion and a source of potential danger to their harmony with the Roman authorities.

I also wish to state that my father, Joseph, was present at this unfair trial and watched me buffeted and condemned, and he was sick at heart at the treatment I received and at the confirmation of his worst fears. And his eyes were opened to the stagnant state of the Sanhedrin at the time, and he realized that what they considered religion was merely farce. And his eyes were opened to the enormous gulf between what was the religion as practiced by its most august body and what I proposed in its place, to not only restore its pristine authority and purity but to impart to it its culminating sublimity and grandeur. And, from this shame and humiliation which he suffered at seeing his first-born son condemned and executed as a criminal, was born the conviction of his son’s innocence and the righteousness of his cause, and the truth of his mission.

And I should say, also, that while my body was torn and exhausted by the blows and brutalities of my execution, not once during that time did I lose faith in my Father nor in the truth of my mission; and the burning in my soul constantly told me that I could die only in the flesh and that I would retain my consciousness after my passing over. And this is true: for this same burning in my soul continued as I became a spirit and I looked upon the body which had been pierced. It is also true that the Roman centurion who was officiating at the crucifixion was deeply convinced of my innocence and, while he did not say, as it is recorded in the New Testament, that I was the Son of God (because he did not understand that term), yet he did state that he believed in my innocence; and later, at the Pentecost, and with the preaching of my disciples, and being convinced that I was resurrected, he was converted to Christianity. And the same was true of the lancer, Coriginus, as he is called, who poked his lance into my heart to determine my death: he also became imbued with my teachings in the days that followed the Pentecost, and some others of the Roman soldiery were also affected.

The story of the crucifixion is otherwise substantially the same as recorded in the New Testament, but I never voiced any complaints or doubted that God was with me; and the words attributed to me, “Oh, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” I never uttered but were inserted by a copyist many years later to make my death accord with the words of the Psalmist to that effect. It is true that I was placed between two malefactors, but never did one seek to be converted nor did I tell him he would be in Paradise with me, for that was a boon I could not grant, for his place in the world of spirits depended upon his condition of soul.

With respect to the Doctor’s friend, I should like to say that it is easier to contact the spirit world than is understood, for there are many spirits who abound ready and eager to make that contact; and the difficulty lies with mortals who live only for the material world and believe that the spirit world is simply a fable and not to be believed; and it is this that prevents rapport. And the type of rapport depends upon the condition of the mortal’s spiritual development.

So the Doctor’s friend must not think that because we have no tangible evidence of his contacting the spirits is a reason for disbelieving or not having faith in his contacting them, for the fact is that he does, and his efforts to aid them has their effects depending upon the wills of the spirits he communes with and their desire to improve their lot. And I should like to state that this also applies to the Doctor; for although he has been told that before, I think it would encourage him to continue if he hears this confirmation directly from your friend and elder brother, who is Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

(Ed. Note: Jesus wrote again the same evening, to answer a question as follows:)

Yes, here I am again, for I am still present with other Celestial spirits, and I will answer the question by stating that I was presented in the Temple as it is stated in the New Testament, and also that my mother did complete her term of purification, which was forty days. And the fact is that the Magi did not show themselves in Bethlehem until about six weeks after my birth, and it was just a few days later, when Herod learned that the Magi had disappeared, that he issued a decree to slaughter the babies in that town and vicinity.

He did not catch my family because my father had been quick to understand the temper of Herod and his possible edict directed against me, and he hastened to depart with my mother and me at the time the Magi left for the East again. And this accounts for the fact that my mother was able to make the journey into Egypt, for she had recovered from her lying – in period. Had Herod’s edict come earlier, my father would not have been able to go to Egypt, for my mother would not have been able to travel after her delivery.

Hoping this answers your questions, I shall stop now, and with all my love and blessings to you and the Doctor, which I omitted from my first message because I saw you wished to stop, I will say good night and sign myself,

Jesus of the Bible.


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