Truths and Limitations of Spiritualist Beliefs

Truths and Limitations of Spiritualist Beliefs


This message from Jesus deals with the truths and limitations of Spiritualist beliefs, as well as Jesus’ temptation, baptism and dedication (blessing) of little children. For related information, go to this page.


Revelation 27

Jesus Declares That Spiritualism, Devoid of Praying for and Obtaining Divine Love,
Can Achieve Only Intellectual or Natural Love Satisfaction.
He Also Corrects Further Errors Contained in the Gospels of Matthew and John.

May 9th, June 28th, and November 12th 1955
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

I have been present at the writing of replies to letters received from members of the Foundation Church of the New Birth and am glad that you emphasized the necessity of prayer to the Father for the Divine Love and the desirability of their joining a church in their own community for, despite the untruths that are permitted to be propagated in the traditional churches, mankind can profit much from the hymns and the sermons if interpreted in accordance with the Truths which we have already given through Mr. Padgett. Spiritualism in its insistence upon phenomena which demonstrate the existence of soul in the spirit world is salutory, in that it shows the survival of the real man after the destruction of the mortal body, but this knowledge, unless focused upon the higher Truth that brings with it the Divine Love and prayer for at-onement with the Father, causes stagnation in the individuals concentrating upon earth plane phenomena.

With respect to Matthew’s Gospel, you undoubtedly know that the passage dealing with my supposed temptation was never written by the person to whom the gospel has been attributed, for never was I tempted by any devil, for there is no devil such as it is conceived in the New Testament, nor could I have been tempted in my soul condition at the time, for when I commenced my mission I had in my soul that sufficiency of the Divine Love which gave me possession and knowledge that my home was in the Celestial Heavens, a home among the mansions of God which had been created for me by my soul condition, so that the three temptations which I was supposed to have experienced have in fact no substance nor reality, and I never entered any desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea as it has been written, nor did I undergo any conversation with evil, either as a being or as a defilement of my soul, for my soul was without defilement, and all details regarding my so-called hunger or what I did or said never took place except in the imagination of the writer who inserted these fictitious events into the Gospel. They were inserted simply to have my life accord in some supernatural ways with the events which were supposed to have happened to Buddha, and these, of course, are just as marvelous and just as false as the incidents attributed to me.

As for Baptism, this performance or act is not necessary for an individual to obtain the Divine Love and the absurdity of it can be measured by applying its so-called efficacy to the spirit world where it is impossible to obtain baptism in the physical meaning of the term yet in which many spirits pray for and obtain the Divine Love without having gone through baptism as a prerequisite. This act was simply symbolic, and signified a purification, and was in line with the Hebrew tradition of washing and making ablutions to cleanse from defilement, not merely physical but also spiritual. The ancient Hebrews made a great many ablutions to cleanse their bodies and the concept was also carried over to the symbolic in religious thought and practice but no amount of washing in pools and rivers could cleanse the soul from sin without the Divine Love conveyed into the soul and cause sin and defilement to disappear from it. I simply underwent the act of baptism to convey the idea of the beginning of the New Covenant, wherein the Divine Love, carried by the Holy Spirit, was now present and available to all men because it was present in my soul, and the gospel mentions that the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and abode upon me, an imaginative way of stating what I have just said regarding the presence of the Father’s Divine Love in my soul. Baptism by water is meaningless, but baptism by the Holy Spirit, whereby the Father’s Love is conveyed into the soul, is the true and real baptism. It causes the disappearance of sin and defilement and enables the soul through a sufficiency of His Love to achieve at-onement with the Father and immortality. (John 1:33)

However, dedication of the child in the church of the New Birth is therefore an act of faith in the Father and His Redeeming Love, on a spiritual plane, high above and beyond the old Hebrew rites or the Christian Baptism, born of historical development and spiritual growth on the plane of the Natural Love perfection. Yet, because you are now souls of the Natural Love, while seeking the Divine, it is not the will of Jesus and his Hosts to prohibit dedication rites from the older religions for those who wish to perform them in offering their child to the grace of the Father.

November 12th, 1960

Now the fact that must be considered first is that Spiritualists who claim to be Christians have free wills in their capacity as human beings, and are obsessed very often by their teachings, which hold on to them like tentacles, and they do not have the power to break these fetters of the mind, nor are they willing to listen and be convinced on the basis of the facts presented to them. The Christian, as he is ordinarily referred to, adheres to a certain type of teaching, whether his cult be that of the orthodox or the liberal, and in this cult he usually possesses his concept of God, in which I am represented as the Son of God, second part of the trinity.

Of course there are many Spiritualists who do not believe in the trinity or my vicarious atonement and I am glad that they do not, for it is not true. But in addition to this, the Christian has been indoctrinated with the awful concept of the saving grace that flows from my blood on the cross, and this is the terrible and damnable part of the Christian religion which, together with the concept that I am God, he has to eliminate before he can have an understanding of the Love the Father intended for His children.

The concept of the blood is one in which man has no part in his own salvation except for the passive one in which he believes that I am the victim who was chosen by the Father to provide the means of salvation, and it is this belief, in which his whole security as to his place in Heaven is at stake, which renders it so difficult for him to get rid of as a Christian.

For the Christian a living Jesus does not represent Salvation; only Jesus on the cross and shedding his blood, a victim like old Hebrew and symbolic pagan rites, represents Salvation to the Christian. This is the great drawback which Christians and some Spiritualists encounter in accepting the New Birth and the Divine Love; for they will not pray to the Father for His Love to fill their souls because they feel they have already achieved Salvation through belief in Jesus’ name.

What a terrible awakening they will have. The Spiritualist who is also a Christian does not go further, for he believes that in the same way he achieves Salvation, the only difference being that he is interested in the phenomena from the spirit world that assures him of the presence and existence of spirits who inhabit various planes in this world and who therefore prove to his own satisfaction that the soul is not lying unconscious in the grave until the great judgment day. With that he achieves a certain release from the depressing conjectures as to the destiny of the soul after the death of the mortal envelope. However, this interest in phenomena from the spirit world is of an intellectual or scientific nature, not one of love, for the spiritualist is generally of a scientific turn of mind and he, therefore achieves an intellectual satisfaction from the proofs and manifestations of the spirit world. Even those persons who seek these manifestations as a means of assuaging their grief for lost relatives and friends achieve the satisfaction that comes from the development of the natural love; and yet in this love there is no part of the Divine Love, nor are the motives coming from that which opens up the soul to the inflowing of the Divine Love. This Divine Love, and by this I mean the only way through which salvation can be obtained, can enter and fill the soul through the sincere longing of the soul to assuage the thirst for at-onement with the Father through prayer.

Thus the satisfaction of the intellectual desires of the Spiritualist or the scientifically minded Christian, or the desire of parents and children to be consoled regarding the fate of their dear lost ones, has no bearing on the Divine Love, or the manner in which it may be obtained.

These, therefore, are the reasons why Christians and Spiritualists have no conception of the Divine Love, and as long as they adhere to this type of religion only, they are not likely to be able to obtain it.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.


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