Jesus’ Boyhood in Egypt

Jesus’ Boyhood in Egypt


This mediated message deals with Jesus’ boyhood in Egypt and how all his brothers and sisters were born there before the whole family returned to Palestine, specifically Nazareth. For related information, go to this page and the related articles.


Revelation 3

Jesus’ Boyhood in Egypt 

January 10, 1955.
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

I should like you and Dr. Stone to know that what I wrote regarding my life through Mr. James E. Padgett is the truth and that all my brothers were really born in Egypt and that my family remained there for about ten years or more and not merely for a few months after my birth. And since in those days of my appearance on earth marital conditions were more primitive than they are today, those ten years or so were quite sufficient time for my seven brothers and sisters to be born in.

Our stay in Egypt was occasioned by the fact that my father had been able after a while to set up and establish his trade quite successfully and that he had made his household a comfortable one with all the conveniences that were available to workman at the time and for that reason he hesitated to dismantle the house in which we lived and return through the hazards of travel to Palestine. The second reason was that of safety, not only for me but for the entire family, for conditions in Judea continued to be unsettled and unfavorable even after the death of Herod, for the ruler Archelaus, who followed him, continued in his unhappy ways and much blood flowed in Judea, and there was a great unrest, and it was not until ten years after my birth that Archelaus, who had been demoted to Ethnarch of Judea, was deposed and sent off as an exile to Gaul.

When even then conditions did not improve much because of the hostility of the people to their Roman overlords, my father and mother after much hesitation decided to break up their home in Egypt and return to Palestine, and more specifically, Nazareth, mother was homesick for her people and she pointed out that conditions in Galilee were better than in Judea and that it was not wrong to return to Nazareth; however, I was not a child but a growing boy of ten years old, and in Nazareth I saw and made the acquaintance of my cousin John, later known as the Baptist, and I have already written regarding my relations with him in a message through Mr. Padgett.

Thus you see that the New Testament story of my return to Nazareth is false, because no angel came to direct my father to return to Judea after the death of Herod and I, Jesus, state this because my father has informed me of the circumstances regarding this incident and I am telling you what he has told me. Our place in Egypt where we made our home was a considerable town called Heliopolis,1 not very far from Cairo, and we stayed with a relative of ours who welcomed us and enabled us to make our start in the new country; and with us were quite a community of Jewish people, for we congregated together for safety as well as for community life, with a place for worship, a place for the cleansing of women and also an elementary type of school designed mainly to teach the fundamentals of the Jewish religion and the ability to read and write to enhance our ability to understand the Scriptures. This is the story of our life in Egypt, regardless of what you may read in the New Testament.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens

Note 1 This was confirmed many years later by Judas in this message.



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