Jesus’ Parables, Soulmate Reunion, and God’s Spirit

Jesus’ Parables, Soulmate Reunion, and God’s Spirit


This mediated message talks about two of Jesus’ parables, soulmate reunion in the Celestial Kingdom, and God’s Spirit versus the Holy Spirit. Jesus talks about the “Wise and Foolish Virgins” and the “Prodigal Son”, explains how soulmates will have the opportunity for reunion once the Celestial Kingdom closes, and explains the difference between “God’s Spirit” and Holy Spirit”. For related information, go to this page and the related articles.


Revelation 15

Jesus Explains the Spiritual Significance of  His “Wise and Foolish Virgins” and “Prodigal Son Parables,
Reveals God’s Extended Plan for Soulmate Reunion,
and Clarifies a Biblical Passage in I Corinthians 3.

March 29th 1955.
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

I am here tonight, as I have been in the past, to write you again about the New Testament and the very many errors contained therein, and I shall continue by discussing the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, which is really a parable to show that the Divine Love is necessary for a home in the Celestial Heavens.

If we realize that the bridegroom is the Heavenly Father and the ten virgins are symbolic of His children, it will be easier to understand when we see that the lamp that each one possesses is the soul, and the oil is the Divine Love. Just as the oil is necessary for the lamp to be aglow, so it is that the soul needs the Divine Love to make it glow, also, and shed abroad the light; and it is the lighted lamp, or the soul with the Divine Love, which permits entry of the human being into the Celestial Heavens and its joys, which I depicted in terms of a marriage feast. Those who neglect to put oil into their lamps, or rather, to obtain the Divine Love by prayer to the Father, cannot enter the Celestial Heavens and attain immortality.

Another of the parables I taught dealing with the Divine Love is the prodigal son and that it is possible for the sinner to return to the Heavenly Father and be rewarded with the feast and the joys of the return, after the waywardness of the sinner. The Father is ever ready to bestow His Divine Love upon the sinner who seeks that Love, regardless of his lack of righteousness. And it is very often the adherence to moral laws and the sense of self-satisfaction they give which prevents a man from seeking the Divine Love of the Father.

In respect to the Celestial Heavens and its inhabitants, the question arises as to what may happen to the soul without the Divine Love whose mate is in the Celestial Heavens at the time when the Divine Love will be withdrawn from mankind for the second time and the Celestial Heavens will be completed and its doors closed. The fact that a soul is duplex and not complete without its mate entails a complication, in the fact that some Divine Angels in the Celestial Heavens may belong to mates without the Father’s Divine Love and who are inhabitants in the spiritual heavens.

The Father, in His Loving-Kindness and Mercy, has provided a way to prevent such souls in the Celestial Heavens from being deprived of their less glorious mates by not withdrawing from them the possibility of obtaining the Divine Love after it has been withdrawn. Just how long the privilege of these spirits to obtain the Divine Love after it has been withdrawn from the others will continue is something that has not been revealed by the Father, but we do know that the Father is anxious to make His redeemed children completely happy by providing for the eventual reception of the Divine Love and acceptance into the Celestial Heavens of those spirits whose mates are in the Celestial Heavens.

Every effort will be made, yet consonant with the free will of man and spirit, to make these spirits see the advisability of seeking for the Divine Love and be able to live throughout all eternity with their mates, but for how long, and the consequences of persistent refusal by these spirits during their period of grace, is not known yet, for only God knows and He has not revealed it to me. This, however, is all part of the bestowal upon man and spirit of the soul mate love which He would like to see consummated, and here again, this period of grace would not be a suspension or violation of His law of Love’s withdrawal but the operation of a law superior to it.

I am now going to say a few remarks about the passage in I Corinthians, chapter 3, Verse 16: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Lord and that the Spirit of God dwelleth within you?” This passage was originally written by Paul, the apostle but it was rewritten and no longer contains the words as they were construed and formulated by Paul. The epistle was written to members of the Corinthian church, and Paul wrote in a way that indicated that the members were possessed of the Divine Love conveyed by the Holy Spirit; and very often they used the term, “being possessed of the Spirit,” to mean filled with the Divine Love through the Holy Spirit. The writer mistook Paul’s use of the word “spirit” to mean Spirit of God, which is not the Holy Spirit but that Spirit which was given to man at his creation and the operation of which leads to the perfect natural man. Paul did not mean that, as I have said, but, rather, the Holy Spirit and the souls of the members of the Corinthian church filled with the Divine Love. By “temple of God,” Paul simply meant the soul, and his passage referred to man’s soul filled with Divine Love.

The Spirit of God given to man operates on man and does not fill man; neither does the Holy Spirit fill man, but simply conveys the Father’s Divine Love into the soul of man. The Divine Nature of God is not in man, except when the Divine Love enters that man’s soul through the operation of the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit of God, which is an entirely different force obeying God’s command, has neither that function nor can it be of the Essence of God, which is His Divine Love and no other attribute or manifestation of God.

It is entirely misleading and erroneous to believe, therefore, that the Spirit of God within man’s soul is the Divine Love and, therefore, God or His Nature dwelling in man’s soul. The only way to achieve this is by seeking the Divine Love through earnest prayer, and in answer to such prayer the Father sends His Holy Spirit to convey His Divine Love into the soul of that man or spirit who thus earnestly prays for it. The Spirit of God has other functions and deals with the development of man’s moral and intellectual qualities.

This should suffice to show that God’s Divine Nature does not dwell in man’s soul as a result of creation, for there is nothing of His Nature in the created creature and it is only through the process described above, and which was my mission while on earth to teach to mankind, that the transformation may take place and man’s soul become filled with God’s Nature.

I think I have said enough for tonight on these Biblical subjects, the last of which it was not my intention to discuss unless you requested it; and with my love to you and Dr. Stone, and with my love and blessings upon you both, I shall close and say good night.

Your elder brother and friend,

and Master of the Celestial Heavens,

Jesus of the Bible.


Comment: Many people are appalled that it is predicted that “heaven” will close. Yet the Bible says that, the only difference being is that from the Padgett Messages we know that the closing of the heavens refers to the Celestial Heavens, and it does not infer those left out are in hell, quite the opposite. See this message for elucidation.



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