Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection


In this mediated message Jesus comments more specifically what occurred during his crucifixion and resurrection, and explains how he was able to make his body disappear from the burial cave and manifest as being alive to his disciples and others to convince them that he was the living Messiah. For related information, go to this page and the related articles.


Revelation 21

Jesus Elaborates Further on His Crucifixion, Resurrection and What Followed.

September 14th and October 10th 1955
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, it is and I am glad that you have given me this opportunity to write, as I have been present for a short while and reading with you as you were reading Dr. Barbet’s book on the crucifixion, and I would like to say at this time that the shroud at Turin is a reality,1 the shroud which covered my mortal remains after the descent from the cross and the preparations made for my burial by Joseph as described in the Gospels. The care for my body as described by John in chapter 19, verses 38-42 is correctThe nails that pierced my flesh were hammered into the wrists and not the palms as has been widely understood; that physical death came to me through asphyxiation, due to the unnatural position of my body dragging on my outstretched arms on the cross, and that the opening of my heart by the Roman lancer and the accompanying flow of blood from the right auricle and the liquid from the pericardium actually took place as described by John the Apostle in chapter 19, verse 34.

I say again that, while my sincere and devoted Dr. Barbet has accomplished a task of primary importance in the reconstruction of the crucifixion such a reconstruction deals merely with the experiences undergone by my body, and does not deal with the living soul, so that how much more important is it to devote oneself to the reconstruction of man through the experience of the New Birth and to study those things which will, by deed, lead him to eternal life. The great compelling fact of the crucifixion is that, while my body was dematerialized by me and died as to its existence, yet my soul has lived on through the intervening centuries and will continue to live throughout all eternity, and this eternal life became a reality through my constant and fervent prayer to the Heavenly Father for the inflowing of His Divine Love into my soul and At-onement with Him.

For while my body has these many centuries been returned to the elements from which they proceeded, and is no longer in existence as such, or can be brought back into existence through any such mysterious ceremony as the blood and wine now practiced among religious cults, nevertheless what is really alive is my immortal soul, with my teachings which show the way to achieve immortality of soul longing to the Father. For it is the Divine Love that gives eternal life, and not that bread which is material, which as experienced by my body, suffers decay and is subject to the laws of the physical and hence transitory world.

Received October 10th, 1955

The information regarding my true resurrection has already been given to mankind in the messages which, with my approval, were given through Mr. James E. Padgett and printed in “True Gospel Revealed Anew;” and these explain my work in Joseph’s cave, ascended to the spirit world to proclaim the availability of the Father’s Love through prayer and the possibility of At-onement with Him thereby, and then returning to the cave, materialized a body closely resembling my own with elements drawn from the elements of the universe; the linen shroud which had covered my body I folded neatly and placed in a corner and I walked out of the cave, the stone blocking the entrance to it having been rolled away by the bright spirit sent by the Father for that purpose; and it was in this way that I saw Mary the Magdalene and the others, as mentioned in the gospels. The angel mentioned in the gospel was a bright spirit sent for the purpose of removing the stone; the strength he displayed in this task was obtained through the transmission of energy conveyed to him by many spirits who were present at the time. His materialized spirit body, endowed with this additional power, was able to cope with the task of rolling away the stone. He used the guard whom he put into a trance by suggestion, as the means by which he obtained the necessary ectoplasm to bring about the materialization. No, he was not able to materialize by culling from the elements a material form, such as I was able to do in my resurrection, and no one other than myself, not even the exalted spirits of the Transfiguration, has done this.2

It was necessary for me to do this to show that I was still alive even after death through crucifixion for at this time in their spiritual development this phenomenon was the proof in the eyes of my disciples that I was the Messiah; but the real understanding of my Messiahship came to them only at Pentecost, when the Divine Love was conveyed into their souls with such power and in such abundance that they knew I had come to bring the very essence of the Father to mankind if they would seek it through earnest prayer.

This became known later as receiving the Holy Spirit, erroneously, of course, because it is the Holy Spirit which conveys the Father’s Love into the soul of he who seeks it; but even this became relegated to a secondary position before the great fact of the “Risen Christ” which was preached to the pagans to substitute for their own gods.

Spiritualism if properly understood and taught, must lead to prayer for the Divine Love and At-onement with the Father; and what more appropriate introduction to the Father’s truths is there than that which reveals my resurrection – the risen Christ – as the working of a fundamental truth of Spiritualism.

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.


1 A book written by Brad and Sherry Steiger and reviewed here, as well as a far more comprehensive book written by Frank Tribbe and reviewed here  present convincing scientific evidence as to the authenticity of the shroud.

2 Read the message about what happened to Jesus’ body. This explanation is currently suported by the latest scientific research as set out in “Portrait of Jesus? The Illustrated Story of the Shroud of Turin” by Frank C. Tribbe. While the popular press had a field day with the initial C14 testing done in 1988, the same press has not kept up with scientific developments. This book has overwhelming hard evidence, that the shroud is genuine, and can be dated to the period AD 29 to 32. We believe Jesus died Friday, March 18th, 29 A.D. based on a communication from Judas.


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