Difference Between Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit

Difference Between Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit


The main focus in Jesus’ message is the difference between the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit. The former is involved in the entire creation and informs the natural love path. The latter is a part of the Spirit of God, but has a specific function to impart the Divine Love into the souls of those who consciously desire it or whose souls are receptive to it.  For related information, go to this page.


Revelation 24

Jesus Discusses the Omnipresence of God,
and Explains the Difference Between the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit.

March 31st & April 13th, 1955
Received by Dr Samuels


I am here, Jesus.

I want to write you on the subject of the omnipresence of God, as raised by a certain lady on reading the messages received by Mr. Padgett. The lady in question is a person of considerable intellect and with analytic powers derived from the development of the natural love and its emphasis on the moral and mental qualities of man, but she has not been able to understand the real meaning of the Divine Love because she has attempted to grasp it with her mind and not her soul. For this reason she seeks to find some basis in the statements they contain for charges of contradiction, but were she able to absorb these messages with her soul perceptions, there would be no apparent contradictions, only a clear understanding of the great distinction between the operation of the Natural Love by the Spirit of God and the function performed by the Holy Spirit.

When God created the soul of man, He did not create out of void, but he produced a soul in the likeness of His own, and when He bestowed upon man a natural love and the attributes of wisdom, thought, the sense of justice and mercy, He drew these attributes from His own attributes, but deprived of their Divine qualities. Thus they were given to man to fit into the natural condition of his being and to be synchronized perfectly with it. In the same way, man’s soul was formed from the soul of God, but without the Divine Essence of God which was withheld with the act of creation, and the soul thus formed was a human soul, made in the likeness of the Father’s Great Soul, but devoid of His Essence. This Essence is the Divine Love.

The first parents were given the opportunity to obtain this Divine Love and acquire a divine soul through prayer, and with their disobedience or refusal to seek for it in the way prescribed by God, they lost the privilege of receiving it for themselves and their descendants until it was brought to light by me when I appeared in Palestine. Now with the loss of this privilege, man was limited to making his way in the material world mainly through those qualities that remained to him; namely, his will, his intellect and moral fiber, and these had been from the creation of man made human and therefore finite.

The development of these attributes is the function of the Spirit of God, which is that force or energy which acts upon all created beings and things, and the Holy Spirit, which operates in a special way upon mankind, is a part of the Spirit of God but its function is to convey the Essence of God to those souls which seek it through earnest prayer to the Father, and therefore it may be said to have a separate or special place as indicated by its exalted function, and may even be said to exist apart, but the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God do not exist as conscious entities in the sense that mortals understand the term.

The Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit, considered by some as one force, are separate forces, are used by God and belong to God, and flow from the Soul of God, and in that sense may be considered a part of God, yet they are not a part of God’s personality in the same way that His attributes are; and similarly, the human attributes come from God originally and are integrated as a unit as the human soul, but they are not a part of God because they are deprived of the divine qualities of God’s Being. The Spirit of God acts upon man’s human attributes and develops them to their highest state of purity and perfection, but human they are and human they continue to remain, regardless of their condition of defilement or purity. The Spirit of God, while emanating from the Father’s Divine Soul, is non-divine in its functions and cannot make a soul divine; only the Divine Essence, through the Holy Spirit, can make a soul divine.

The Holy Spirit does not communicate with mortals or spirits directly, nor appeal to their reasoning faculties, and thus cannot consciously instruct or inform nor otherwise suggest, but it operates upon man’s mind indirectly, in that it conveys the Love of God into the soul of man and spirit, which, in the process of transformation undergone by that soul through the efforts of the Divine Love, reacts upon the knowledge influencing and informing the reasoning faculties, which sometimes accept or reject the information and thoughts which are provided by the soul illuminated by the Divine Love. Thus I have never been instructed, nor have any souls been instructed by the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit, whose function is not that of teaching, but we have been instructed by the action which the Divine Love in our souls has upon our souls, and the capacity of our souls to know what the truth really is. In my own case, I was instructed by God Himself, for no other spirit possessed the Divine Love before it was brought to light by me and thus no spirit was capable to conveying truths of the Father concerning His Divine Love for mankind, but as I obtained more and more Divine Love in my soul I was progressively the more capable of receiving and understanding the truths which the Father instructed me regarding His nature, His attributes and my mission on earth.

So you see that no Spirit of Truth nor Holy Spirit can come to mortals or to spirits to teach the truths of God, but only such spirits as possess the Divine Love in their souls teach the way to At-onement with the Father, and in my case, it was the Father Himself. The spirits of the perfect natural man come to mortals and spirits to teach the way to the sixth sphere, the Paradise of the Old Testament, through the purification of the soul of sin and defilement. We in the Celestial Heavens realize that we do not know all the truths of God, but that we shall continue to learn them throughout all eternity, as increased proportions of the Divine Love are conveyed into our souls with prayer, and we are humble and grateful that the opportunity has been afforded us by the loving kindness and mercy of the Father.

However, this message may be of interest to those who may seek and provide a clearer view of the relationship of the attributes of God and man to the action of the Divine Love and it also clarifies what I have said about the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens


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