Destiny of the Soul

Destiny of the Soul


In this mediated message Jesus touches on the destiny of the human soul. He also reminds James Padgett to pray more in order to improve the rapport to receive spiritual messages for the world. For related information, go to this page.


Jesus Relates That He Is Anxious for Mr. Padgett to Get into a Harmonious Condition of Soul
So That He Can Continue His Messages to Mankind


I AM HERE. Jesus.

Well, my disciple, I realize that your desires are that I shall deliver a message to you tonight, and I am anxious to do so; yet I see you are not in condition that I may take possession of your brain that is necessary in order to write satisfactorily. I am sorry that this is so, but it is a fact. We will have to wait awhile longer, which will not be very long, for you are much improved. And, if you continue to pray, you will soon become in that soul condition that will enable me to make the rapport.

There are many messages yet to be written, and I am anxious that you receive them in order that they may be delivered to the world. For the world is now awakening to a greater realization of the fact that man is spiritual and must have spiritual food. The war [World War I] is causing many people to think of the hereafter and the destiny of the soul; and the knowledge that the world now has of the future life is very meager and unsatisfactory— merely a knowledge that the spirit survives death and experiences more or less happiness in the spirit life.

As you know, this is not the vital thing in the destiny of man. For while a knowledge of the survival of man from the death of the physical may and does give a great deal of consolation to the near and dear ones who are left on earth, yet, that fact does not, in the slightest degree, determine the condition or destiny of the soul that has left its home in the flesh. And there are no means now known to men to show that destiny, except some things written in the Bible which are the subjects of much speculation and controversy and want of belief. The consolation of those who have faith in the Bible is founded on that faith, or, rather, in most cases, belief. But there are a number of believers in the Truths of the Bible, with a conscious soul perception of their real meaning, who have faith which makes the facts of destiny and the possession of Love in their souls certain to them.

I will come soon and endeavor to write a formal message. In the meantime, let your prayers ascend with more earnestness and longings to the Father.

As you know, I love you as my brother and disciple, and am with you as you pray* each night, uniting in our prayers. And you must let your faith increase, and believe that your prayers are being heard and will be answered to the fullest.

I will not write more now.

So, my brother, good night, and may the Father bless you with His greatest Blessings.

Your brother and friend, JESUS.



* Padgett told Dr. Stone that, when he was praying before retiring, clairvoyantly, he often saw Jesus alongside praying with him.



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