Perfection Is Relative

Perfection Is Relative

These messages reiterate the only way to salvation via the Divine Love transforming the soul and eliminating sin and error. While perfection is occurring as a result of oneness with God, it is a relative term.


Paul Presents His Comments on a Preacher’s Beliefs.
He Agrees with Him That “Perfection” Is a Relative Term


I AM HERE. Paul.

I was with you tonight at the meeting, and heard what the young man said about perfection. And I agree entirely with his ideas and the application of the truth to the lives of human beings.

He had the correct conception of what perfection means. And when he said that perfection is a relative term, he spoke the exact truth. No man can expect to have the Perfection of the Father in quantity, but he may in quality. For the Spirit of Truth that enters into the soul of a man in response to prayer and faith is a part of the Divine Nature of the Father. The Essence is the same, and the Quality must be the same. But, of course, no man can obtain perfection to the extent of making him pure and holy as the Father is Pure and Holy. Even we who live in the high Celestial Heavens have not that Perfection which the Father has. But let men know that, even while on earth, they can obtain this inflowing of the Holy Spirit into their hearts to such an extent that sin and error will be entirely eradicated. This, I say, is possible. But few men attain to such a state of perfection, because the worldly affairs and natural appetites which belong to mortals are always interfering to prevent the workings of the Spirit in men’s souls so that perfection of this kind may take possession of them. But notwithstanding this great difficulty of the material desires of men, they should have this perfect ideal before them always, and strive to obtain the possession of it.

I was much interested in the discourse not only because it was founded on a text attributed to me but also because of the right conception and explanation made by the young man. I could see his soul and its workings, and I was glad to know that he possessed this Divine Love to an unusual degree, and that he was fitted almost for a home in the Celestial Spheres. You were benefited by what he said, and you felt the influence of the presence of the Holy Spirit at the meeting.

If the people of this church would understand that there is only one thing that saves them from their sins and makes them at-one with the Father, and that is the inflowing of the Divine Love into their souls which was what Jesus meant when he told Nicodemus that he must be “born again” , they would easily see that their doctrine of holiness is not only a reasonable doctrine but also one in accord with the Truths of God. For, as this Divine Love fills their souls, all sin and error must disappear.

Of course, this is a relative matter, for it depends upon how much of this Divine Love is in their souls to determine how much of sin or error still exists. The more of the Divine Love, the less of sin; and, on the contrary, the more of sin, the less of the Divine Love.

I know that the great majority of mankind does not believe this Truth and thinks it foolishness, and that those who claim that they have received this Divine Love to a great degree are enthusiastic fanatics and not worthy of credence. But I want to tell you that no greater Truth was ever proclaimed by the Master! And, sometime, in the not far distant future, many men who are now merely intellectual Christians will believe and embrace and experience this great Truth.

You will find yourself much benefited by attending these meetings. And while there are some things in their creed to which you do not subscribe, yet, they have the foundation Truth that the Divine Love of the Father can clear their souls from all sins, and make them perfect to the extent that they receive that Love in their souls.

I will not write more tonight, but will say that the Holy Spirit which conveys God’s Love to man is with these people in great power and fullness, and It manifests Its workings in a real and irresistible manner. And God is blessing them and giving them that faith which enables them to become overcomers, and inheritors of immortality and homes in the Celestial Heavens.

So, without taking up more of your time, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ, PAUL.


Jesus Also Attended This Church Service with Paul and Mr. Padgett,
and He Too Comments on the People’s Beliefs


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I heard what Paul wrote and I corroborate everything that he said, and add that these people are pursuing the true Way to the inheritance which I promised them while I was on earth. Their faith is wonderful, and the fruits of its exercise is shown in the condition of their souls and in their lives.

Theirs is the soul conception of religion and of my Truths. And while they may not understand the philosophy of my teachings with their intellects, yet, with their soul perceptions, they have grasped the great foundation Truth of salvation through the Divine Love of the Father.

Of course, they sing and proclaim that my blood saves them from sin. But this is merely the exercise of their mental conceptions, learned from the teachings and creeds of the churches. Yet, they have grasped the great and only Truth of salvation with the far more and certain knowledge that the awakening and filling of their souls by the Divine Love gives them.

How much to be wished for that all these churches of form and mental worship could realize that the only true worship of God is with the soul perceptions! Only with these perceptions, that are developed by obtaining the Divine Love, can we “see” God. Only by such development can we become pure and holy and at-one with the Father, and partakers of His Divine Nature.

I am glad that you attended this church [Church of the Holiness], and I advise you to go there often. For I tell you that the Spirit of Truth and Love is with these people to a very extended degree, because their souls are open to Its inflowing and to Its ministration.

I was with you again tonight. And so was the Spirit of Truth trying to open up your soul to Its influence, and to that which will cause your faith to increase and your truth in me to grow.

No church will do you as much good as that, and I advise you to attend. Of course, you will not have to believe in its creed, but only in the fact that the Holy Spirit is there in all Its quickening power, as they sometimes sing.

So, with my love, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend, JESUS.



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