There Is No Unpardonable Sin

There Is No Unpardonable Sin

These messages reemphasize that there is no unpardonable sin. This erroneous teaching can be very damaging to its believers in that they will just give up and not seek salvation that is available to all. For related information, click here.


Jesus Reemphasizes That the Holy Spirit Is Not God, and That There Is No “Unpardonable Sin.”


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I want to tell you, once and for all, that the Holy Ghost is not God, and that the “unpardonable sin” is a thing which has no existence either in the world of mortals or in the spirit world. I never used the expression contained in the Bible in reference to the “unpardonable sin,” and it has done more harm to my cause than most any other thing.

I was not conceived by the Holy Ghost, as many believe. I was a man created and born as other men; only, as I have told you, I was without sin.

All writings which make the Holy Spirit equal to the Father are untrue. The Holy Spirit, as I have told you, is a mere instrument of God in doing His Work among men. And for men to believe that the Holy Spirit is God is blasphemy. But even that sin will be forgiven men.

Before we get through our writings, I hope that I will make it so plain and convincing that the Holy Spirit is not God, but a mere Spirit, though the greatest Spirit in His Kingdom, that men will cease to worship It as God.

(Will you write a message on this subject?)

Yes, I will write a formal message on this subject;* and you will see that the Holy Spirit cannot possibly be God.

So, do not let this question interfere with your belief in me or in what I write to you. You are now in the Way to Truth and the Kingdom. And if you will continue to pray and have faith, you will become an inhabitant of that Kingdom, no matter what the Bible may say which is apparently in conflict with what I write.

So, with all my love, I will say good night.

Your friend and brother, JESUS.



Luke Declares That There Is No “Unpardonable Sin,” as Taught by a Certain Preacher


I AM HERE. Luke. 

I was with you at church and heard the sermon on the “unpardonable sin,” and was much interested in the way in which the preacher dealt with the subject. His discourse was very plausible, but it is not true. As Jesus has told you, there is no “unpardonable sin.” All men in this life and in the life to come have the opportunity to be saved from their sins and become at-one with the Father.

The great danger in such a sermon, as the one preached tonight, is that men who have not become believers in Jesus as the savior of the world—and I mean the expression in the sense that we have explained it to you—will think that, after they have arrived at a certain age and find their souls show no inclination or desire to seek the Way to God’s Love or to a reconciliation with Him, they have committed the “unpardonable sin”; and, hence, there is no use for them to try to find the Way to salvation. It is a damnable doctrine! And the preacher who announced it has incurred a dreadful and awful responsibility; for, in the afterlife, he will very likely meet spirits in a condition of darkness and stagnation of soul who will tell him that they gave up all hope of salvation because of his sermons. And, at the time they meet him, they will believe just as they did on earth. And he, possibly, may see the errors of his wrong teachings, and then will come to him remorse and bitter recollections of these teachings and the great harm that they did to these darkened spirits.

When men get to know the Truth, as they will when the Master shall have delivered his messages through you, they will not have to run the risk of becoming bound and shackled by such false beliefs as the one of which I speak. But, before that time, with so many preachers and especially those so-called “evangelists” who strive to force men into the erroneous beliefs which they teach through fear of eternal damnation, many men will have formed these beliefs and will suffer the consequences which these false doctrines entail.

I was sorry that someone could not have arisen in the church to express resentment of his doctrine of the “unpardonable sin”, and would have told all the people that there is no such thing—only that the Father’s Love is waiting in great abundance for everyone who may seek It, and will be freely given; and that, if men will only come to the Father in prayer and belief, that Love will be given to them, and salvation and immortality will be theirs.

The age of man has nothing to do with his salvation. It is for the old as well as for the young. And no idea or suggestion of any “unpardonable sin” must be interposed to prevent any man from believing that the Great Love of the Father is waiting for him.

So, you see, with some Truths preached by these orthodox ministers there is a great deal of error. And the effect of the latter is to prevent or undo any good which the Truth may have otherwise bestowed upon men.

These great errors have been preached and have worked their injury for many centuries now. Men will be hard to convince that they are not the true doctrines of Jesus, and that the claimed truths which they teach are not the only truths.

I will not write more tonight.

I will say, with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ, LUKE.



Charles Latham Corroborates That Luke Wrote on: “There Is No ‘Unpardonable Sin,’ as Taught by a Certain Preacher.”


I AM HERE. Charles Latham.


I was a preacher in the days of the Reformation, and, in England, a martyr to my beliefs and preaching.

I merely came to tell you that you must believe in what Luke wrote you as to the “unpardonable sin”, for I know that it is not true. For many men who denied God and the Holy Spirit on earth have found the Divine Love of the Father and salvation since coming into the spirit world.

I know it may not have been necessary for me to say this; yet I thought it best to do so, as I was man and became a spirit long after Luke lived. And that which he said was the Truth in my day and is the Truth now.

I will not write more, but will say good night.

Your brother in Christ, CHARLES LATHAM.


Paul Also Denies the “Unpardonable Sin.”


I AM HERE. Paul.

I merely want to say that the “unpardonable sin”, as taught by the preachers, has no existence, and that the preacher is wholly in error. For no soul is without the privilege of coming to the Father and obtaining His Love and Mercy, even in the spirit world.

I am not in condition to write more tonight and neither are you. So, we had better stop.

Your brother in Christ, PAUL.



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