Jesus Worship and Helping Dark Spirits

Jesus Worship and Helping Dark Spirits


This mediated message deals with Jesus worship and helping dark spirits by pointing them to the angels who can instruct them. It shows that Jesus is not God and should therefore not be worshiped. For similar information, go to this page and the related articles.


Jesus Declares That Worship of Him as Part of the “Godhead” Is Wrong and Sinful


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 I come tonight to tell you that you are in a much better condition of soul than you have been for several days, and that the inflowing of the Divine Love has been working today in greater abundance in your soul.

I do not intend to finish my message tonight, as it is rather late and you are not exactly in the condition to receive it. But turn your thoughts more to God, and pray in more earnestness, and very soon will come to you the power and soul perceptions which will enable you to receive my message as I desire to deliver it to you.

Today has been one when mortals—and I mean those who profess to be followers of me—have offered their worship and songs of praise to me and to God. But I am sorry to say that God has been worshiped in a secondary sense, and I have been brought into prominence as the savior of mankind, and as the important one of the three that constitutes the “Godhead.” How wrong and sinful this all is, and how I deplore these erroneous beliefs and understandings of men! If they would only know that I am not God, and no part of the “Godhead,” but only a son and spirit filled with His Divine Love, and one having knowledge of Him and His Plans for the salvation of mankind, they would get nearer to God in their worship, receive more of His Divine Love in their souls, and partake more of His Divine Nature.

But I realize that this belief in me as God, and that my death and “sacrifice” on the cross were necessary for their salvation, will be hard to eradicate, and that many who now live will pass into the spirit world before the Truths which I came to teach and declare will be published to the world.

We must make more speed in our work of writing and receiving these messages, for the importance of the world knowing the Truths pertaining to me and the true and only Plan of salvation is now pressing, and must be shown to man in order for him to turn to the Father’s Love and gain an entrance into the Kingdom. I want you to give more time to our writings. And instead of reading those books of philosophy and the speculations of what are supposed to be wise theologians and philosophers and scientists, let your hours from your business cares be devoted to my communications and to those of the other writers of the Celestial Spheres.

Of course, I do not intend that you shall not permit the dark spirits to write on the nights that you have set apart for them, because such prohibition would prevent much good from being accomplished.* These spirits are greatly benefited by having the opportunity to write. Many of them have been greatly helped thereby, and have been turned to the light and instructed to seek for the Divine Love of the Father. The spirits who are engaged in the work of instructing and helping these spirits here have rescued many from their condition of darkness and sufferings, and have shown them the Way to light and to their salvation. The work is a great and important one and must not stop. And let me say here that this work will be a part of your duty, and also your pleasure, for as long as you may live a mortal life. You will be undoubtedly the means of helping mortals to see the Truth, but your work among these dark spirits will be even greater and the harvest more abundant. And when you come to the spirit world, you will be surprised and gratified at the great host that will meet you, giving you thanks for the great help and assistance that you rendered them. Yours is a wonderful work, and is now spoken of and wondered at in the spirit world.

Well, I will not write more tonight but must come soon and finish my messages, as I have many yet to write.

In my Father’s House are many mansions, as I said when on earth. And for your consolation and that of your two friends, I am preparing for each of you such a mansion—not as you may suppose, by erecting actual houses in the Celestial Heavens for your reception, but by helping to build in your souls that development of the Divine Love and the Nature of the Father that, when you come over, will make your soul in that condition that will necessarily and absolutely cause the formation of these mansions to receive you. No one else can build these mansions for you—only your own soul development. But while this is true, yet, these Celestial Heavens have a locality and surroundings and atmosphere that will contain all those things that will give your mansions the proper settings.

The fields and trees and waters and sky, and all these things that you find necessary to your happiness and peace in your earth life are in the Celestial Heavens, only quite different from those that you are acquainted with.

 So, believe what I say, and, believing, trust me and my love and you will never be forsaken.

 A man’s life on earth is but a span. But, in our homes, eternity means immortality, with always progress and increasing happiness.

So, with my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your friend and brother, JESUS.


* Mr. Padgett would let the dark spirits write once a week, and he helped them to visualize the bright spirits who would give them instructions. Mr. Padgett helped many spirits progress spiritually through these communications.—Ed.


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