Jesus’ Communication with Mortals

Jesus’ Communication with Mortals


This mediated message deals with Jesus’ communication with mortals, in particular with James Padgett. Jesus explains that though being an exalted spirit, he can still come to James as a brother. He also defines the Holy Spirit. For more information on the Holy Spirit, go to this page as well as this page and the related articles.


Jesus Explains That the Holy Ghost Is Not God—
Only an Instrumentality of the Father to Carry the Divine Love into the Soul


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 (Master, at some time, would you please explain precisely what the Holy Ghost is?)

Yes, I will, and you will be enabled to fully understand what the Holy Ghost is,* and what meaning should be given to It as you find It referred to in various parts of the Bible. I will say this though: that It is not God. It is merely one of His Instrumentalities, used by Him in doing His Work for the redemption of mankind.

I will not write any message tonight, but will commence next week if you are in better condition.

(Is it contrary to any spiritual law that an exalted spirit, such as yourself, should communicate with a lowly mortal?)

Well, as you believe what I say as to my being a son of God, and not a god, you can easily believe that my coming to you, as I do, is not at all contrary to any law of the spirit world. The fact that I have my home in the highest Celestial Heaven does not prevent me from coming to earth to do my work, which has not been carried on by those of earth who should have performed it. I am a spirit of love and sympathy, as well as of great spiritual development; and I desire that all men shall know what the great Plan of the Father is for their redemption and happiness.

So, because I am such an exalted spirit, as you say, it is no reason that I should not come to you and communicate with you freely and, in a way, confidentially. I love you, as I have told you, and I have selected you to do my work. Hence, I am trying to make you wholly at-one with me.

You must not doubt me just because I come to you so often and speak so familiarly with you, because I hope and expect that, in the great future, you will be very close to me and with me. I am trying to prepare you for so great a progression in your spiritual condition that, when you come over, you will realize the oneness that I speak of, and will be fitted to live near my sphere.

(My grandmother has spoken of wanting to progress in your Kingdom.)

Well, your grandmother is a wonderful spirit in her development. And, by the time you come over, she will be near me in my home, and, as I believe, so will your mother and wife. They are all filled with the Father’s Love and are receiving It more abundantly all the time. They are now in the First Sphere of my Kingdom, and will find that their progress will be much more rapid.

So, try to believe what I say and do my will, and all will be well with you.

(If only I could be more free from material cares and needs, I could devote more time to receiving these messages.)

Well, soon you will be free, as I told you, and then you can do the work without being interfered with by material things. I know that it is hard for you to lay aside these cares, and I am not disappointed or impatient that you do not. But only believe that the time will soon come when they will trouble you no more.

So, as we have written somewhat long tonight, I will stop now. I will pray for you as I always do. With all my love and Blessings of the Father, I am

Your loving brother, JESUS.


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