A Preacher’s Misconceptions about God

A Preacher’s Misconceptions about God


These three mediated messages correct a preacher’s misconceptions about God, that He is an “all-enfolding Energy”. Such God could not be the Father who is calling and caring for His children. For related information, go to this page.


Jesus Comments on Another Preacher’s Erroneous Conceptions of God


I AM HERE. Jesus.

Let me say a few words tonight.

I was with you again at the services and listened to the preacher as he expounded upon the Truth of God and the truth of man, as he conceived these truths to be. But I am compelled to say that, if his future state of happiness depended upon these supposed truths, he would be a very unhappy spirit in one of the million heavens of which he spoke.

I am sorry that men can conceive of such notions of God and man, and teach them to other mortals. But so it will be for many years. Until my teachings, through you, are accepted and believed by men, great darkness and error will prevail on the earth.

It is hardly necessary for me to attempt to analyze many of his erroneous statements, for they are so many and so erroneous that it will take too long a message to review them all.

But I will say one thing, and that is: When he attempted to show that God’s Energy and man’s energy are one and the same, he was all wrong and knew not what he said. God is a Being who is Infinite and Omnipotent, and there is no limit as to His Energies, while man is a mere creature of God, and cannot possibly have any greater or other energy than he was created with. And this energy is controlled by the soul that is man, and is subject to all the limitations of that soul.

Well, I will not write more tonight, but hope ere long to write you one of my messages of Truth.

I see that you have been somewhat in doubt as to the reality of the Truths of the messages that you have received, and as to the Power of the Divine Love to make you a child of God in the divine sense. You must not let such doubts enter your soul for one moment, for they are the breeders of other things that are most harmful, and tend to alienate you from the Father. As you are aware, God’s Love is all around you, and may be in you; and, if permitted to flow into your soul with faith accompanying It, you will find yourself growing in At-onement with the Father and will realize that fact. So, my brother, get rid of your doubts and come to God in the faith that is childlike and dependent. He will not disappoint you. I will be with you and will try to help you in your desires.

Pray more to the Father, and believe that His Love is yours for only the longing and seeking. I will not write more tonight.

Rest assured that my love is with you in all its fullness, and believe that you have a work to do. Good night.


A Celestial Spirit Adds His Disapproval of the Preacher’s Discourse


I AM HERE. Thomas B. Munroe.

Let me say a word, as I was also present at the meeting tonight and listened to the preacher as he unfolded what he thought to be the truth of God and man.

Well, I will not stop to discuss many of the errors of his teachings or the workings of his mind, but will only say that, if God is as he considers Him to be, He would not be the God which we know to exist, and Who loves us and Whom we can call “Father.” The “all-enfolding Energy” is not the God of Love and Mercy. And, in such a God, the preacher cannot possibly find the Father that is calling to, and caring for, His children.

I merely wanted to say this.

I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and will say good night.



Mrs. Padgett Also Reacts to the Preacher’s Misconceptions


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, dear, I see that you are not very much enlightened by the preacher’s discourse tonight. I do not see why you should be, for he has no true conception of either God or man, and gave no help to those who are searching for the true God, the Father.

I see that you may feel that you are benefited, though, by the negative lesson that his discourse teaches. He tells of what he thinks God is, and, in telling this, demonstrates that he knows nothing of the true God. You may hear the full course of his lectures and you will not learn much that will benefit you in an affirmative way. But attend the same, and then meditate upon them, and you will find that you have listened to a man who knows nothing of God or the spiritual world of which he pretends to have knowledge.

We all love you and want you to love us. Good night.

Your own true and loving HELEN.



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Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash