Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 14-I

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with aspects of teachings by the New Jerusalem Church which received its inspiration from the revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg.  The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


14.  Corrections Made in Other Doctrinal Systems

I. The New Jerusalem Church

Inspired by the Revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg


* Ingersoll, the Former Author and Agnostic, Comments on Swedenborg’s Scientific and Theological Teachings

* Mr. Swedenborg Claims That He Did Not Know of the Divine Love, as Contradistinguished from the Natural Love That Was Bestowed on Man at His Creation

* Luke Affirms That Swedenborg Wrote, and Stresses the Importance of Errors Being Corrected in His Writings

* Helen Affirms That Swedenborg Wrote

* Martin Luther Comments on the Swedenborgian Pamphlet Entitled: “Incarnate God.”

* Chauncey Giles Changes His Beliefs About Jesus Being God

* Helen Affirms That Luther Wrote on: “Incarnate God.”

* Swedenborg Declares That He Does Not Want Mr. Padgett to Be a Failure in His Work, as He Was



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