Earthly Position Doesn’t Determine Spiritual Abode


Earthly Position Doesn’t Determine Spiritual Abode


In this mediated message Julius Caesar shares that one’s earthly position doesn’t determine one’s spiritual abode in the spirit world. The most important thing in life is personal soul development.  For related information on the hells, go to this page.



Julius Caesar Writes That Earthly Position Does Not Determine One’s Spiritual Abode


I AM HERE. Caesar.

 I am the spirit of one who, when on earth, was called Caesar. (Which Caesar are you?)

Well, there was only one real Caesar. All others by that name were merely imitations. I was Julius Caesar and was the emperor of Rome, and the conqueror of the Gauls and of the Egyptians.

I am now in a condition of darkness, and also suffering from my deeds on earth, which were very wicked and numerous.

I am not an emperor now, but am a spirit who is in the condition of one who has no one to do him reverence. Not the meanest of my former slaves deign to bow the knee or salute me as their superior. And why? Because, in the spirit world, a man is as his soul development makes him, and mine has been very much retarded by my want of belief and faith, as I now see.

I merely want to tell you this that you may know that no position on earth can determine the position of the person when he comes into the spirit world. I mean that the position of the man on earth does not in the slightest degree influence the position of this same man in the spirit world. Many of my slaves are higher in their development and in their spirituality than I am.

(But you may develop yourself as well.)

Well, that may be but I am in the condition that I say I am. (There is a spirit I know who could help you.)

I don’t know of any such spirit if there be any.

(Well, I dare say that there are some bright spirits around you right now who would like to help you. Look about you. And, when you see them, ask for Professor Salyards.)

I see some bright spirits and have asked for Professor Salyards, and find him to be a most beautiful and bright spirit. I am inclined to listen to what he may say. He says that he was well-acquainted with my history on earth, as he had read many books dealing with my life and exploits; and he is glad to meet me and show me the Way to a higher and happier condition of existence. I rather like him, and believe that I will go with him and listen to him.

(You must also try to do what he suggests.) Well, I will try.

So, I will say good night and good luck. I am your friend now, since you have shown such interest in me.


Mrs. Padgett Confirms That Julius Caesar Wrote


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, I came to tell you that you must not write more tonight, as you are not in a very good condition. You may not think so, but it is a fact, and it is best for you to stop.

(Who was that last spirit who wrote?)

It was Caesar, as I am told. He is not a very bright spirit, but maybe your old professor may help him. (When will I be hearing from the Celestials again?)

Well, they are not quite ready yet to resume their writing. It seems there are some of these ancients who want to write, and who have some object in writing to you which conflicts with the plan that these messages of the Master intends to be established and worked out.

I must stop now and will say good night.

Your own true and loving HELEN.




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