Variety of Spirit Communication

Variety of Spirit Communication


In this mediated message, George Washington comments on the variety of spirit communication received and explains why many spirits are not open to the Divine Love teachings which keeps them out of the Celestial Heavens and fulfilling their full potential. For related information, go to this page.


George Washington, the First President of the United States, Confirms That Some Ancient Spirits Wrote Through Mr. Padgett.
He Relates That Many Came from the Celestial Heavens and the Lower Spirit Heavens


I AM HERE. George Washington. (Celestial spirit.) I am the same who wrote to you a few nights ago.

Well, you are my brother and I am pleased that you call me your brother. In this world of spirits, we have no titles or distinctions because of any fame or positions we may have had on earth.

I came to tell you that I have watched with interest the many communications that you have received from the various kinds and orders of spirits, and I am somewhat surprised that you could receive these several messages with such accuracy. In earth life, I never supposed that such a thing could be. And, since I became a spirit, I have never seen such demonstrations of the powers that exist on the part of spirits to communicate, and mortals to receive, the messages that come to you. I know that such communications have been made by spirits to mortals very many times, but what I mean by “surprising” is the great variety of spirits who come to you. They come from the Celestial Spheres as well as from the earth planes. And what they write is not only new to mankind but also many of their declarations of Truth are new to many of us spirits.

Very seldom do we have the opportunity in the Celestial Spheres to communicate with any of these ancient spirits who live high up in the Celestial Heavens. And, when I see them come and communicate to you so frequently, I wonder at it all!

I know, of course, that such spirits occasionally do come into the earth plane and try to influence both mortals and spirits to do good. But I want to tell you that their influence is usually exerted through intermediary spirits and not directly by these higher spirits in person, as they do through you.

The messages that you have received from these spirits who lived on earth thousands of years ago were really written by them during their control of your brain and hand.

I am trying my best to help you in your work, and will continue to do so. The work that you have been selected to do is the most important one that the spirit world is now engaged in. I mean the world that recognizes Jesus as its Prince and Master.

Some spirits come because they see the way open to communicate to mortals, and they naturally desire to make known the fact that they live and are happy in their spheres.* But their happiness is not the real happiness which the true believers and followers of the Master enjoy. So, when they come to you during your work, you may have the opportunity to tell them of this higher experience which the redeemed of the Father enjoy. Many spirits who are in these lower spheres would be in the Celestial Heavens if they only knew the Way.

We try frequently to show them the Way to Truth and the higher life, but we find it a difficult task. They think that we are merely spirits like themselves, having our opinions just as they have theirs, and that we are mistaken in our opinions. Hence, we can tell them nothing which will show them Truths that they do not know, or which will give them greater happiness than they have now.

When they notice the contrast in our appearance—that is, that we are so much more beautiful and bright than they are—they simply think that such beauty and brightness is a result of some natural cause, and that we differ from them merely as one race of men differs from another. They do not seem to think that there is anything about the contrast in our appearance that is caused by any higher spiritual condition than what they already have. And this is the great stumbling block in the way of their becoming interested in the conditions which we have, and which would otherwise motivate them to investigate and learn the true cause for the same. Hence, I wish to say that you may do them some good in this regard, for you are a third person who can call their attention to the great contrast and tell them the cause as you understand it. What you say would probably make some impression upon them, causing them to make inquiries. And, once they commenced this, our opportunity would then come to lead them into the Light of the great Truth of the Divine Love of the Father.

Well, I have digressed from what I intended to write, but it is just as well, for all the Truths of God are important to both mortals and spirits. I am very happy in my home in the Celestial Spheres of the Father, and I am trying to progress to those even higher. So, let me assure you of the Truths of what you have had written to you by your band and others of God’s redeemed spirits.

I thank you for this opportunity, and I will come again sometime.

Your own true brother in Christ, GEORGE WASHINGTON.




* These spirits have only the natural love developed to a pure state, but do not have the Divine Love. In a pure state, this natural love gives these spirits a wonderful glory and beauty. But compared to those spirits who possess the Divine Love, they are like a dim candle light in comparison to the brightness and glory of the midday sun.—Ed.




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