Many Ancient Spirits Not in Celestial Heavens

Many Ancient Spirits Are Not in Celestial Heavens


In this mediated message, Jesus explains why many ancient spirits are not in the Celestial Heavens, but rather in the Sixth Sphere. Their moral and intellectual development is high, but without the Divine Love, their soul development is lacking. For related information, go to this page.


Jesus Explains That Many of the Ancient Spirits Are Not in the Celestial Heavens but Are in the Sixth Sphere, Possessing Merely Intellectual and Moral Development


I AM HERE. Jesus.

The spheres in which Saleeba* lived are the ones that your grandmother described as being the homes of merely intellectual spirits. In these different spheres are many sub-spheres. And the different races of mankind naturally congregate with those spirits of their own race so that, while this Egyptian may have lived in these different spheres, it does not follow that she lived in the same sub-spheres with the spirits of other races. In all probability she did not. She is a very ancient spirit, but her age as compared with eternity—that which has passed as well as that is to follow—is a grain of sand on the seashore compared to all the rest of the sand. She is old as men consider age, but, as we look upon it, she is of the now and not very old.

She will tell you of the spheres in which she lived, but they will not be any different from, or any greater than, the ones your grandmother described. She has not progressed above the Sixth, and cannot until she receives the Divine Love and Essence of the Father.

So, as she describes these spheres to you, keep in mind the fact that she has never gotten beyond the Sixth, as described by your grandmother.

She may have passed through what seems to her many more spheres than the ones described by your grandmother, but all the various stages through which she has passed constitute no more than the six lower spheres. She never was in the Seventh, or passed through it.

So, let your mind be settled on this point: No spirit who is without this Love has ever gotten beyond the Sixth Sphere.

The ancient Bible patriarchs and prophets—such as Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and the others—never got beyond the Sixth Sphere until my coming, when they first received the Divine Love. And the fact that they are ancient spirits does not necessarily imply that they are in a very high sphere now.

Your grandmother, for instance, is in a much higher sphere than all of the ancients who have never received the Divine Love.

So, the fact that a spirit is ancient does not, of itself, mean that it is a very high order of spirit. Many a spirit who passed over comparatively recently is as high in the Sixth Sphere as are these ancient ones. And many a spirit who came to the spirit world within a short time—your wife, for instance—is in a higher sphere than many of these ancient ones who have been in the spirit life for centuries. Yes, centuries upon centuries, and for the reason that these ancients have only the mental development which can carry them into the Sixth Sphere only, while your wife has the soul development which has already carried her to the Celestial Spheres.

So, do not think that because a spirit who comes to you may be an ancient spirit, it may be in a high sphere or can instruct you in those things which will lead you to the Father’s Kingdom, for it is not true.

The Egyptian who came to you is now seeking this Love, and she will receive It and progress higher as she develops her soul. But she will never get higher than the Sixth Sphere until her soul development fits her for the higher spheres. The mere fact that she has the mental development which enabled her to progress to the Sixth Sphere will not help her in any degree to progress above it.

As her soul develops, she will leave the Sixth Sphere and inhabit a sphere of soul education which is in unison with her development. And it may be the Third one. But this sphere will enable her to make more rapid progress than if she should remain in the Sixth, because of the reasons that your grandmother portrayed in her message.

So, do not be impressed with the thought that, because spirits are ancient, they can help you or instruct you in those things which pertain to your soul development. Of course, their mental qualities are developed to a high degree, and they can tell you many interesting things about the time in which they lived, and of their experiences in the spirit world. But these things, while interesting, do not help you to attain to the Divine Kingdom. As regards this soul knowledge, they may be mere babes, and totally devoid of all the things necessary for the soul developing and obtaining the Divine Love.

I have many things yet to write about and, as we write, you will see that I am the true Jesus, and that my knowledge of the Father’s Kingdom is the greatest possessed by any spirit, be he ancient or modern.

I wish that I could write to you every night, but, under present earthly conditions, I cannot because it might interfere with your life on earth. But, as I have told you, very soon you will be in the condition where I will have your services all to myself and my work.

I will not write more tonight, but will only say: Believe, and you will see the Glories of the Father and your own salvation and happiness!

Your friend and brother, JESUS.




*  Saleeba is an ancient spirit and a former princess of Egypt who first learned of the Divine Love through her communications with Mr. Padgett.—Ed.


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