The Body That Is Resurrected at Death

The Body That Is Resurrected at Death


In these two mediated messages, Paul explains about the body that is resurrected at death as being the spirit body. The physical body disintegrates and is never again recreated in the human form of the deceased. The spirit body acquired at incarnation remains and does not take on any other body. For related information, go to this page.


What is the Real Body That Is Resurrected at the Time of the Physical Death?


I AM HERE. Paul.

I come tonight to write you upon a subject that may be of interest to you and is important to all mankind. If you are in condition to receive my message, I will write.

Well, the subject is: “What Is the Real Body That Is Resurrected at the Time of the Physical Death?”

Of course, there will be but one resurrection, and that takes place at the time the mortal becomes an inhabitant of the spirit world. There will never be what is called a general resurrection of the dead, for the mortal can die only once. I mean in a physical sense. And, in order to live in the spirit realms, it is necessary that the mortal have a spirit body that preserves the identity of his individuality. And having this body, and never having been without it after the soul is incarnated in the earthly body, the mortal does not need an additional body being added to the one that the soul already has.

When a man ceases to be a mortal, the physical body that dies disintegrates into its elements and never again do these elements form the same body that becomes decayed. Hence, it is impossible for that body to be resurrected. The only body that is ever resurrected is the body that encloses the soul of the mortal at the time he gives up the earth life.

I know that many believe that, when the man dies, his conscious existence ceases, and he becomes, as it were, dead in body, soul and spirit; and that although the physical body decays and returns to dust or ashes, yet, in some mysterious and unexplainable manner, the soul and spirit continue to exist as an unthinking, sleeping entity, not subject to sensation or activity. And the soul so remains until the great day of judgment, or of Christ’s coming, when, in response to the summons, it arouses itself, answers the summons, and again becomes clothed in the body which it possessed while in the human form. In their belief, it may not be the exact or identical body which once existed, but the new body will be one of flesh and blood, and of such a nature as to be the same body in substance that was dead and buried and decayed.

But this is not true. For the very laws of nature with which men are acquainted prove the impossibility of such an occurrence. And many arguments have been formulated and declared to prove that such a resurrection cannot be— that it will be wholly impossible for the elements that constituted the old body to again assemble in the same form, and give to the soul the body that it discarded when it experienced its freedom from the bands of flesh.

But the advocates of this untrue theory respond by saying that God is All-Powerful, and, in some way not understood by men, will resurrect this old body and clothe the soul therein so that the identity of the individual will appear. It must be remembered that God works and produces beings and entities in accordance with laws that He has established, and not by any special, sporadic act, irrespective of, and, as said, in contravention of, these laws.

Man understands, to some extent, the working of these laws in what he calls nature, or the normal. And some spirits understand not only what man understands but also the workings of these laws that may be called above nature or super-normal. And the laws work the same, and without change or interference, in the one case as in the other.

As it would be impossible to clothe a mortal having one body of flesh with another body of flesh, so, in the spirit world, it would be impossible to clothe the spirit who has a spirit body with any additional body, whether of flesh or other substance. This spirit body is a thing of real substance, and not susceptible to being enveloped in any other body.

Well, I see that you are not in condition to write. I will postpone the remainder of the message until later. I have not written to you for some time, and am glad for the opportunity to again write.

(If you can manage to come more often, perhaps you will also find me in a better condition more often, which should result hopefully in an increase and improvement in the quantity and quality of your communications.)

I understand what you mean and will act on your suggestion, as I think it a very wise and desirable one. I will come more often and write.

So, with all my love, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ, PAUL.



Paul Continues His Message on the Spirit Body’s Resurrection


I AM HERE. Paul.

I will furnish my message tonight if you are so inclined. Well, we will try.

As I was saying, the body that is resurrected at death is not the physical body but the spirit body; and never after the first resurrection is there another. I am now dealing with the resurrection other than that of the soul, or the resurrection from the death of which I have before written.

The body that is once laid in the grave will never be resurrected, and neither will any of its elements enter into any other body for the purpose of a resurrection. The body of flesh is created for one purpose only; and, when that purpose has been accomplished, never will that body, or any derivative from it, be used for any resurrection. This body of flesh is of matter. And, like all matter, it is used only for the life on earth, and cannot be used for any function, or for clothing any spirit, in the spirit world; and neither can it be translated into the spirit realms.

All material bodies must die. And never will there come a time when men can leave the earth and enter the spirit life in these material bodies.

I know that it has been written that certain of the prophets of old were translated into the spirit heavens, clothed in their fleshly bodies, but this is not true. For it is impossible that such a thing could be, as the same laws apply to the physical body of the saint as to that of the sinner. Both are of the earth, earthly, and must be left behind when the spirits of men enter the heavens of spirits.

So, when men believe and preach the general resurrection of the material body, or the special resurrection of the same, they are in error and do not believe or preach the Truth.

Flesh and blood, or flesh without blood, cannot inherit the Kingdom. And no belief or teachings can make that true which is untrue.

I do not desire to write more on this subject because many men who are acquainted with these laws know, and will know and understand, the impossibility of the material entering the realm of the spiritual.

So, thanking you for your kindness, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ, PAUL.




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