Man’s Origin through Soul Implantation

Man’s Origin through Soul Implantation


In this mediated message John elaborates on man’s origin through soul implantation, and how the soul made man God’s highest creation. He also comments on the Genesis story of human creation and the fall. For related information, go to this page.


John, the Apostle, Affirms That Aman and Amon, the First Parents, Actually Communicated Through Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. John.

 I merely want to say tonight that you must soon prepare to take messages which the Master and some other high spirits desire to write.

Let your arrangements be such that you can take those messages without anyone being disappointed. For when you say that you will receive them, and then something comes up to prevent this, the spirits feel that you have not sufficient interest and they are disappointed.

(Please accept my sincerest apologies. In the future, I shall attempt to keep all previously scheduled appointments that we have agreed upon. May we resume two nights from now?)

Well, that will be satisfactory and we will make our arrangements to comply with that understanding.

I know, though, that you have been in a good condition of love and soul during the past few days. You have realized that the Father has been close to you and you have been happy. So, continue to turn your thoughts to the Father and His Love, and you will find that there will come to you an increased Love and a great happiness. I feel that your faith is growing and that the rapport between us all is steadily increasing.

(Would you prefer that I attempt to receive a formal message tonight?)

I did not intend to write more tonight, as we will wait until the time that you have named.

(Well, when we do communicate again, will you be clarifying your book, “Revelation,” any further?)

Well, I have already told you that Revelation was written as a kind of allegory, and that it is now of no practical use and should not be given much attention. Besides, it is not as I wrote it, for many interpretations and additions have been made. At any rate, it is of no importance, and men lose much time in trying to solve what they call its mysteries.

(Does the name “Aman” have any special meaning?)

Well, “Aman” is a general term which means “first” or “highest”. And, when applied to man, it means the first or highest creation. As it is applied in Revelation to Jesus, it means the man who first received the Divine Love of the Father after Its rebestowal.

I will come to you sometime and explain this matter more fully. (Was it the very first parents who actually wrote to me?)

Yes, they (Aman and Amon) came to you and gave you their names which were the names that they were called by after their creation. Their physical bodies were already in existence, having developed on earth to a point of physical perfection. But as regards the implantation of their souls, which is what transformed them from mere physical beings into human beings (and which is what we mean when we use the term “man” to refer to the highest creation of God), they were both created instantaneously and became living souls in a moment. Thus, their souls never grew from a germ or an atom, or by any slow process of evolution, as did their bodies. And the story of the fall is substantially correct, as I have learned from them and from the Master.

The names “Aman” and “Amon” are correct, and were known thousands of years ago to the early inhabitants of the earth who descended from them.

The story of their fall, of course, was known to their immediate descendants, and became known for some generations after their deaths to their more remote descendants. But, after a while, the names became forgotten, but the substance of the story of their fall did not. At one time, there were manuscripts showing the account of the fall, but they disappeared long before the time of any of the present writings, though the story of the fall, with various changes and amendments, came down the ages until the writers of the Old Testament incorporated such tradition in the Book of Genesis. OF COURSE, ADAM AND EVE DID NOT EXIST, AND NEITHER IS THE STORY AS TO THEIR FALL TRUE. IT IS ONLY SYMBOLICAL IN THE WAY OF SHOWING THAT MAN ONCE OCCUPIED AN EXALTED AND HAPPY STATE AND, BY HIS OWN DISOBEDIENCE, FELL. AND WITH HIS FALL CAME THE CONDITION OF EVIL AND SIN.

Well, I must not write more tonight. Remembering what you say, I am

Your brother in Christ, JOHN.




Photo Credit: James Kurowski, Free Images