Human Origin, Nature and Potential

Human Origin, Nature and Potential


In this mediated message Jesus comments on human origin, nature and potential beyond this life. He also explains who were the angels before and after man’s creation. He also explains who were the “angels” before and after the Creation of Man. For related information, go to this page.


The Creation of Man*


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 I am here to write on the subject: “Who Were the Angels Presumed to Have Existed Before the Creation of Man?”

As you know, man was created by God from the elements of the universe; and into man was implanted the soul, or the real or spiritual man, which distinguished him from the other creatures of God. And, with this soul, God gave man the possibility of obtaining God’s Own Nature through the longings of man’s soul for At-onement with Him. Pride and the desire to master the physical surroundings, which he thought would insure him immortality, led to the withdrawal of the Divine Love, and man’s potentiality for becoming at-one with God was lost until I appeared in Palestine and preached immortality to the Jews.

The descent of man from his position as the elect of God, to partake of His Nature and Essence, was rapid. And, in the course of only a few hundred years, man was not too different in behavior from the beasts of the field; and, in some respects, he was worse. For man, on receiving his human soul from God, had received with it the understanding that he was a child of God, though unredeemed. And, as a consequence of being a child of God, he had had implanted into him a consciousness of the laws of conduct which God had decreed. Thus, man knew that he sinned when he broke God’s Commandments. And even in his worst state and lowest descent, man always had a small voice within him which was never quite completely drowned out by the excesses and violence which became habitual to his sinful existence.

The death of the physical body, and the path toward purification which the soul has to take on entering the spirit life, eventually brought to men’s souls, in the spirit world, freedom from the excrescences and defilements they had accumulated in the earth life. And these purified souls turned their attention to helping mortals refrain from violations of the law, and, at the same time, imbued them with a renewed consciousness of God as their Creator. These purified souls were angels of the Lord because they were souls purified of sin, and because they did the Bidding of God in seeking to assist man to overcome the weakness of his flesh and turn him to the Father.

When I uncovered immortality in man’s soul, whether on earth or in the spirit world, if they so chose and willed it, men could become capable of receiving the Divine Love through the operation of the Holy Spirit, and could become divine angels of the Lord—not merely purified from sin but also filled with the Essence of the Father to the extent  that they would become the possessors of immortality and acquire consciousness of that reality.

The divine angels of God have been seeking to turn man and spirits to God, not only as son in the created sense, or servant, but also to have man seek His Love, partake of His Nature and Immortality, and to become His son in the real and Divine meaning of the term.

After the creation of man, therefore, there were angels in the sense that I have explained. But the Great Angel or Messenger—for “Angel” means “Messenger of God”—was and is the Spirit of God, which is obedient to the physical Laws of God. And it has been doing the Will of the Father, working not only on the vast infinity of His Universe, and bringing about these constant regrouping and changes in His Heavens, but also working on man’s intellect and moral fiber ever since man was created by the Father.

The Spirit of God is God’s Great Angel or Messenger which has been manifest throughout all eternity. It was this Spirit of the Lord which has been described in Genesis, hovering over the face of the earth, working on and developing it in preparation for the day when life and living beings could exist and survive on it. It was this Spirit of the Lord which carried out the Decrees of God, and set in motion those cosmic forces and elements that resulted in the new combination known to you as the solar system, and which, at the Lord’s Bidding, will bring about the destruction of the same, and cause the emergence of a new order and a new dispensation. Before the creation of man, God’s only active Angel was His Spirit—His active Energy whose operations proclaimed His Majesty from everlasting to everlasting.

Adam and Eve, or whom they represent, were created through the operations of the Spirit of God. It was God’s active Energy which brought about the groupings of those elements employed in fashioning man, as He fashioned the other living creatures on earth. But man was not man until the purely spiritual—and, by that, I do not mean the spirit body, which is of sublimated material, but the soul, in the likeness of God—was bestowed upon men. The first parents do not know when they became souls—that is, when God actually implanted souls into them—for there is no way of telling when they were human in appearance without their souls. For, without their souls, there was no memory of that degree that such a fact or state could be recollected by them; nor do they know how this implanting of the soul took place, even though it was done unto their bodies. And I shall say now: Neither do I know how it is done, for I have never seen a soul, although I can perceive its presence through my soul senses of perception. But, when it was accomplished, the first parents were aware that they were human beings, and that they were the Creations of the Father.

Man, as he is considered ordinarily, is a creation which passed through what you would call a long period of development, as have all of God’s creatures during that period of the earth’s development which enabled living beings to come into existence and survive.

Man’s nature is therefore both animal, or material, in accordance with the conditions of his physical being, and spiritual, at the same time, in accordance with the soul qualities and attributes given to him at the time God bestowed a soul upon him. In short, man’s nature is dual. And thus we have man with animal passions and feelings, and interrelated with these are those emotions and feelings which belong to his spiritual nature as a result of having received a soul. The Bible’s reference to the creation of man refers to the creation of man in the image of God, or to the time when God, the Great Soul, conferred a soul upon man and made him the greatest of His Creations.

In other words, man possesses a double set of emotions. And the activity or dominance of the animal feelings in man sets in motion those thoughts and actions related to his material or animal existence. And this is not out of harmony with the Laws of God. It is only when these thoughts and resultant actions are in violation of the Law of God that they are sinful and cause unhappiness. The influence of these sinful emotions and thoughts and actions upon the soul is such that the spiritual emotions and aspirations of man become dormant, as though not existing, and the soul itself is encrusted with evil. Man knows when his physical passions and the resulting actions violate God’s Laws. He must therefore exercise his will to prevent such violations and allow his feelings to be exercised for the purpose for which they were given him, and also to permit the development of his spiritual nature, and with it, the knowledge of his soul and the relationship which it has with God, its Creator.

Through prayer, thoughts and soul longings, the spiritual nature in man can be developed so as to dominate the personality, and he will act in accord with the feelings and emotions of his soul. However, if the animal emotions are allowed to dominate the spiritual emotions of man, and transgress the Laws of God concerning them, then the soul becomes encrusted with these baneful excrescences, or, shall I say, the soul is contaminated by them. And when the mortal dies and the spirit enters the spirit world, the soul must undergo a period of suffering in which the contami- nating elements acquired in the earth life are eliminated from the soul and the soul assumes its pristine purity.

This purification of the soul obeys the dictates of God’s Law of Compensation, for no such contaminated soul is permitted a place in God’s Spiritual Heavens. The Paradise of the Hebrews cannot be reached without such purification. Yet, in this process of purification, the time consumed, as you would say, depends upon the soul itself— upon the awakening which it has to its condition, and those circumstances in the spirit world, mainly his own will as well as the help of others, which will enable him to make the necessary progress. All souls in the spirit world will be eventually purified.

This was the condition of man before the bestowal of the Gift of the Divine Love, which I brought to light during the time of my public ministry in Palestine. For, before I came with this Gift, no man could achieve At-onement with the Heavenly Father, with the transformation of his soul into a divine soul, through the pouring out of the Divine Love into his soul through earnest prayer to the Father for this Love, the Father’s Essence, and brought into man’s soul through the ministration of His Holy Spirit.

This, then, is briefly the evolution of man from the natural being to the purified soul, and, if he so desires it, to the state of the divine angel. The soul is the seat of the spiritual emotions, comes from God, and has the potentiality of becoming at-one with God, if it so desires, while the Gift of the Divine Love, obtained through prayer to the Father, is still available.

The material feelings, also the creation of God, have nothing of the soul substance, and have no permanent existence in the spirit world. But they do exist in the spirit world for a certain period, for man passes over from the mortal life with all his earth desires and feelings. However, these, and their perversions, which harm the soul, eventually become evanescent in the course of the spirit life.


* This message was received through Dr. Daniel G. Samuels, Jesus’ second chosen instrument (following James E. Padgett’s passing to the spirit world).—Ed.



Photo Credit: James Kurowski, Free Images