“In the Beginning Was the Word and the Word Was with God” Explained

“In the Beginning Was the Word and the Word Was with God” Explained


In this mediated message the meaning of “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God” is explained. John the apostle corrects the misconception that Jesus is God and explains how he was born as a human and became the redeemed son of God, with all humans having the same opportunity. For related information, go to this page.


The True Meaning of: “In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was with God,” etc.


(September 17th, 1916 | Received by James Padgett)


I AM HERE. John, the Apostle.

I want to say only a few words in reference to what the man said to you about the Gospel attributed to me. His reference to the opening words of the Gospel that: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God,” etc., is without any force to prove that Jesus is God or one of the “Godhead”; for it was never written by me or at my dictation, and it does not state a truth.

In the sense referred to in that Gospel, the “Word” can mean only God. For He, and He, Alone, was in the beginning and made everything that was made.

As we have often told you, Jesus was the son of a father and mother, the same as you are the son of your father and mother. And he was not begotten by the Holy Ghost in the sense ascribed to his birth in the account thereof.

He was born of the Holy Spirit as his soul opened up to the inflowing of the Divine Love, and he was the first of mankind to receive this Divine Love and the Father’s Essence of Divinity. Hence, he was the first fruit of the rebestowal of this Love, and, as a result, was the first fitted to declare the Truths of the Father and show the Way. As his soul became filled with this Love and he grew in wisdom and knowledge of the Truths of the Father, it may be said that he was sent by the Father to declare the Truths and explain the Way to the Celestial Heavens, and how to achieve at-onement with the Father.

This Love commenced to flow into his soul soon after his birth, undoubtedly because he was selected to declare the Truths of the rebestowal of the Divine Love. And the knowledge of that mission came to him as he grew in Love and Wisdom. Hence, he was without sin, although apparently as natural a boy as other boys in his human instincts and feelings. But he was the son of man—Joseph and Mary—and also a son of God, as all men are, with the addition that he was an heir to the Celestial Kingdom.

He was not God. And, despite what the orthodox believe, he has never seen God, even up to this time; nor have Moses and some of the old Bible characters seen God. But Jesus has seen God with his soul perceptions, and so have many others of us who are inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens. And that sight is just as real to us as your sight is to you or to any of your fellow mortals. It is impossible to explain this to you so that you may fully comprehend my meaning. But this seeing God by our soul perceptions is a thing of reality, and one that results in increased happiness and a knowledge of immortality. Jesus is not God, but he is the most highly developed spirit in all the heavens, and is nearest to God in Love and knowledge of Truth.

So, I say, the “Word” is God, and Jesus is His son. And you may become His son in the same sense—as an heir to the Divine Essence of the Father and an angel of His Kingdom. As Jesus has written you, all men are His sons, but with different inheritances: yet all inheritances are provided by the Father. Let not these doctrines of the teachers of what are called Bible “truths” trouble you. Listen and believe only what may be written to you by us.

I will not write more tonight, as it is late. In closing, I will say that you have our love and prayers.

I am

Your brother in Christ,



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