How Jesus Became the Son of God

How Jesus Became the Son of God


In this mediated message Luke explains how Jesus became the son of God. It was not through a supernatural birth, but rather through having his soul transformed by God’s Divine Love, which made him at one with his heavenly Father. For related information, go to this page.


Luke of the Bible Never Said That Jesus Came to Earth as the Only Begotten of the Father,

Which Is Not True.


(September 17th, 1915 | Received by James Padgett)


I AM HERE. Luke.

I came tonight to tell you of some things which are in the Bible and which are not true, as they were never written by me or by anyone at my dictation. I never said that Jesus came to earth as the only begotten of the Father in the sense that he was born differently from other mortals, for he was not.

I mean that his father and mother were Joseph and Mary, and he was their natural son, and that they never supposed that he was begotten in any different way from how the other children were begotten.

Of course, he became more truly the son of God than did any other mortal who was ever born. But that was because he became filled with the Divine Love of the Father to a greater extent than any other human being. He became so close to the Father that, in his soul development, he was able to commune with the Father in such a way as to realize exactly what the Father said to him. And his love made him one with the Father, as he said. But he is now closer to the Father than he ever was on earth, and his love is very much greater than when on earth—greater than any other spirit. And, as a result, he knows more about the Father’s Attributes, and about His Will and Plans for men’s redemption, than does any other spirit. And when he comes to you and tells you that you must receive his messages to be transmitted to mankind, he imposes upon you a mission which is greater than he ever imposed on any other man, not even excepting the apostles.

He now knows more of the Truths of His Father than he did when on earth, and he realizes that the Truths which are so necessary to men’s salvation and their future happiness have never been revealed to mortals to their fullest extent. When he was on earth, he declared many important Truths which have not been preserved, and, hence, he is anxious that these Truths and others shall be given to mankind.

Many things which men believe, who are professed Christians, are not truths, and stand in the way of their progress in spiritual things and in the soul’s development. I would like to tell you of more of these things which men should not believe, but I have not the time tonight, as others want to write.

But this you must know and forever proclaim: that God is Love, and that they who want to get immortality must believe in the New Birth and seek to obtain it. Without this, no spirit can enter the Celestial Spheres and partake of the Divine Nature of the Father. There are many other Truths that must be learned and believed in, but none are so important as those which I have just written. I am writing this not as a matter of mere belief but as a matter of knowledge. There can be no doubt arising in my mind as to the reality of these things, and none must arise in yours.

With all my love, I am your brother in Christ,



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