Divine Love Removes All Sin and Error

Divine Love Removes All Sin and Error


This mediated message shows that the Divine Love removes all sin and error from one’s soul and thus there is nothing for the Law of Compensation to operate on. For related information, go to this page.


The Law of Compensation Is Removed from the Scope of Its Operation

When the Divine Love Fills the Soul in Sufficient Abundance.


(March 23rd, 1915 | Received by James Padgett)


I AM HERE. Your own, true Helen. (Mrs. Padgett)

You didn’t think I could change the announcement of my coming, but you must know that I can do anything to please you, my dear Ned.

Yes, you have, and I have been so very happy. Well, sweetheart, I must tell you that I am very happy and am progressing very rapidly. I don’t expect to remain in this sphere very much longer, for my love and faith are so great that I feel that I must get closer to God’s Fountainhead in the Celestial Spheres. Doesn’t it seem like some fairy dream? But it is all true, and I am so happy.

I will soon be with you in a long letter, telling you of this Great Love, and how much I love God and you.

You are progressing, too. You may not realize it, but it is true. And if you should come over now, you would be surprised to find yourself in a high sphere. I know how you feel, but you must believe that I can see your spiritual condition better than you can.

When you get this Great Love in your heart in sufficient abundance— and you have much of It now—your sins will be blotted out. This is the Law of Regeneration. Otherwise, the man who continues without this Love and the man who receives It would be in the same condition, and the New Birth would mean nothing. So, do not think that this Great Love is not sufficient to cleanse the soul from the results of the sins of earth life. Best of all, it cleanses while you are a mortal.

I know that the Spiritualists quote and proclaim the Law of Recompense, or Compensation, but there is a higher law that nullifies that law. And when Love, this Divine Love, comes into the soul of a mortal, the Law of Compensation is removed from the scope of its working; for Love is the fulfilling of the law. So, do not let that stumbling block make you believe that this Great Love is not sufficient to remove all sin and error, and to purify your soul so that you may become fitted to live in the Kingdom of the Father and become one with Him.

No, the Love is for the vilest sinner; and no man, by a mere act of restoration, can fit himself for the inflowing of this Divine Love. It is waiting for the sinner as well as for the saint. And even though your sins be as scarlet, they will be made white as wool. I mean that you will not have to wait to make recompense to mortals before this Great Love can do the cleansing work. Else, what is the use of having this Great Love provided for man? If he shall first make himself pure, what is the necessity for the work of the Holy Spirit?

Only pray for this Love and have faith, and you will get It. God is the Judge of what a man shall do to render justice and restitution. And when He says that this Divine Love, with all Its cleansing power, is for the sinner who seeks for It by true faith, who has the right to say that the sinner must first do what man may think is justice between himself and his fellowman?

I know whereof I speak, for the experiences of many spirits who have been redeemed by this Love show that they were sinners and had not “paid the last farthing” when they received this Love. God is the Judge, not mortals or spirits.

So, my dear Ned, do not let the idea that you must render to every man that which you think he may be entitled to keep you from believing in the Mercy and Love of the Father.

Oh, how I wish I could be with you a little while in my bodily form, and tell you face to face what this Great Love means to you and to me, and to all of us!

So, sweetheart, believe me when I say that, even though you may be a great sinner, yet, the Father’s Love is sufficient to remove all those sins just as soon as you can receive It. Such is the law of this Great Love.

Faith and prayer can open the very heart of the Celestial Spheres, and Love will flow down into your soul as the avalanche of snow that feels the warmth of the sun’s bright rays rushes from its mountain heights when winter leaves with its chilling gloom and blasting breath for other climes. Love is not only warmth, but It is the very burnings of the soul’s great storehouse of God’s Divine Essence.

I am not only the possessor of this Love to a large degree, but I also realize that, as I advance to higher spheres, there is a greater abundance awaiting to fill my soul with Its great, undying fires of never ending burnings—but burnings so great and free from everything that makes for unhappiness and discontent.

So, my own dear and precious Ned, love me as I love you, and we both will be so very happy that heaven will be with us and in us, even while we are writing in the earth surroundings.

Your own



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