Who Jesus Really Was

Who Jesus Really Was


This mediated message deals with who Jesus really was and his similarity with and difference from the rest of humanity. For related pages, go to this page and related articles.


Jesus of Nazareth, in One of His Early Writings, Tells James E. Padgett Who He Really Was, and Tries to Correct Some of the Misconceptions That Exist About Him in the New Testament.


(September 28th, 1914 | Received by James Padgett)

 I AM HERE. Jesus.

You are my true brother who will soon have the Love of our Father in your heart. Do not be discouraged or cast down, for the Holy Spirit will soon fill your heart with the Love of the Father, and then you will be most happy and full of light and power to help yourself and your fellowmen.

Go to your Father for His Help. Go in prayer, firmly believing, and you will soon feel His Love in your heart. I know you will receive my teachings in the course of time, and you will then see that your understanding will be greatly enlarged so that you will know that I am the Father’s son, as I explained it to you a few nights ago. You can and will receive the Father’s Love so that you will not need to go through the expiation in the spirit world. I was not conceived by the Holy Spirit, as is taught by the preachers and teachers who are now leading mankind in the doctrines of the churches. I was born as you were born, and my earthly father was Joseph. I was conceived by God’s Spirit in the sense that I was born free from sin and error, while all other human beings were born in sin and error. I never was a human being so far as my spiritual existence is concerned, as I was always free from sin and error. But I had all the feelings and longings of a human being which were not of sin. My love was human as well as spiritual, and I was subject to all the feelings of sympathy and love that any other human being had. Do not understand that I was with desires and longings for the pleasures of the world which the human passions created. I was not. But I was capable of deep feeling, and could feel and know the suffering and distress of humanity.

You will learn that many alleged sayings of mine were not said by me or did not express my teachings of the Truth.

Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings of Christian Science do not express the true meaning of Truth and Love as I taught them. She is in error as to the ideas that God is Spirit only, a Spirit of Mind. He is a Spirit of everything that belongs to His Being. He is not only Mind but also Heart, Soul, and Love.

You are too weak to write more. You have my blessing and also that of the Holy Spirit.



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