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The following publications are available for downloading in PDF format as a service to those who are seeking answers to life’s important questions:




Another Book Completed!

A new book entitled New Birth – Pathway to the Kingdom of God has been completed and will soon be available as paperback on Amazon and other outlets. Its text in PDF format can be downloaded here: NEW BIRTH – Pathway to the Kingdom of God

The links below lead to individual chapters and will eventually be deleted.

Introduction – Part I – The Calling – Soul Awakening, New Heart 

Part II – Two Means to Justification

Our Status as True Children of God

Possessors of Immortality

Anointed by God

Transformed into a New Being

Change of Desires and Growth in Virtues

Transformed by Love to Love

Growth in Spiritual Understanding

Born of Water and the Spirit

Saved by Grace through Faith

Part III – Entering Divine Glory


Other planned books in this series (coming)

  • Nature of God


Also available is a free book entitled JESUS’ GOSPEL OF GOD’S LOVE featuring the key points of this website. It can also be purchased at Amazon and elsewhere as paperback or Kindle e-book.




For other free PDF downloads, see the entries in the Site Map marked as PDF.

A recent addition is Pentecost, Holy Spirit and Divine Love — Insights from the Bible



* Produced in cooperation with Rev. Dr. Michael Nedbal, trustee of the Foundation Church of Divine Truth


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