Free Publications

The following free publications are available for downloading in PDF format as a service to those who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.



New Birth – Pathway to the Kingdom of God is available as paperback and Kindle on Amazon and other outlets. Its text in PDF format can be downloaded at NEW BIRTH – Pathway to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Gospel of God’s Love, featuring the key points of this website is available on Amazon and as a free download at JESUS’ GOSPEL OF GOD’S LOVE.


The following booklets, some also available on Kindle or in print, are offered as a public service for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking answers to some of the big questions of life. To access the desired PDF, click on the corresponding image.

Short Readings (PDF)

These articles complement or supplement the pages on this website and deal with a variety of topics. They are also linked to specific web pages.

Humanity and Salvation

Jesus Christ

Keys to Happiness


Stories of Love in Action

Inspiring stories can be found here.

Picture Texts Files (PDF or JPG)

These are short illustrated texts that can be printed out and even hung up or framed.

PDF Files


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Beauty of the Skies

Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Living Creatures