Brotherhood of Man

Divine Love is a gift which is waiting for man’s desire and effort to obtain. It is always close and ready to answer each person’s call. While it is not naturally a part of humans, it surrounds and envelops all. When a person’s longings and prayers have opened the soul, Divine Love flows in and fills the individual with its presence. While this is conditional on the will and effort of each individual, prayers, kind thoughts, and loving influences of good people and divine spirits do help human souls to turn to God’s Love and progress in its possession.

Divine Love that converts and transforms the soul can do so both in the human state and the spirit state. When possessed to a degree that brings one into unity with the Father, the person ceases to be a mere human as their transformed soul also makes them divine. They become a new creature and will possess many divine qualities, the chief of which is love. In addition, they will have assurance of immortality.

Divine Love will lead to unselfish charity, kindness and good deeds, as well as to a true brotherhood of man on earth that surpasses what is possible to achieve by natural love. It eliminates strife and selfishness and makes all into children of the Father and working together in harmony and for a common goal irrespective of race and colour.

By contrast, the brotherhood of man achieved by natural love is vulnerable to being weakened and even collapsing through human ambition for power, as well as through material wants. Despite human aspirations and hopes, people by themselves cannot bring about a true brotherhood of man as human nature is subject to retrogression into hatred, war, and oppression of others. Therefore human love is inadequate to bring humans into a condition of full happiness on earth, as well as to enable one to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Celestial Kingdom).

A time will come, however, when natural love universally will be restored to its original state of purity and freedom from sin. Then the brotherhood of man will exist in a degree of perfection that will make all humans happy.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth

Photo Credit: Marcus Oesterberg


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