Indwelling Spirit

Various spiritual sources speak about an indwelling spirit which connects us to God – the source of all life. Other names for this spirit are divine spirit, divine spark, Father fragment, inner voice, thought adjuster, and mystery monitor. It was received by Jesus when he was anointed for his mission and became the Christ (note that Christ means “anointed”). The spirit is a sentient entity without personality, different from the Divine Love, but having come with Jesus, it could be a part of the process by which we receive the Divine Love.

While everyone has this spirit within, few listen to it. The spirit communicates internally through thoughts, but comes from beyond. It can be hard to distinguish from thoughts with its voice being perceived as fantasy. Also, the soul may not be tuned in as the materialistic world and soul encrustments from sin act as a lot of background noise – akin to the static in the old radio transmitters. When the “reception” is clear, the spirit is felt in the heart/soul. The mind can be a distraction while silence, as well as prayer open the heart.

The indwelling spirit continues beyond death into the spirit world and if the person continues to grow in the Divine Love, it will seek to fuse with the individual at the Seventh Sphere level – before the person is allowed to enter the Celestial Heavens where they reach unity with God and the new birth.

True Faith

True faith makes the knowledge of the soul a thing of real, living existence, and so certain and palpable that no doubt will ever arise as to its reality. Or, as the Bible states, “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

This faith is not a belief that arises from the mere operation of the mind, but rather comes from the opening of the perceptions of the soul. The person can then “see” God in all His beauty and love – not in form and feature, but in the divine attributes. Such faith comes only with constant earnest prayer and the possession of the Divine Love. It increases as the amount of the Divine Love increases. Prayer for the Divine Love is answered by imparting faith and with the faith comes a knowledge of the existence of the Love in the soul.

So to recap, true faith is more than a belief and exists only in the soul. By contrast, belief arises from the conviction of the mind. Since faith is dependent on the Divine Love, prayer for more faith is really prayer for more Love.

Reference: The Gospel of God’s Love

God, Mind and Soul

God is mind and spirit, but the reverse is not true – mind is not God. The mind is only an attribute of God. Beyond the mind is the Personality of God – the Divine Soul. From that Soul emanate all the divine attributes and manifestations that mortals and spirits may be aware of.

While God is Soul, it has substance and possesses Divine Nature, as well as being the Fountainhead of Divine Attributes, such as Love, Life, Power, Omniscience and Mercy. The human mind is only a creation of God and the soul is an image of God – not divine in itself. If God had not given man a soul and spirit body in which the mind dwells, the death of the body would mean the end of life. However, man was made in God’s image as far as the soul, and was also given the possibility of partaking of the Divine Substance. This means that man’s soul can be transformed from the divine image into divinity itself. This privilege was lost when the first humans disobeyed, but has been restored with Jesus’ coming to earth and is now available to all.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth


Jesus and his disciples had power to heal people when he was on earth. This was possible through direct contact with those who had faith. In an atmosphere of doubt and skepticism, few miracles were possible.

Healing is still possible by those who have the Divine Love residing in their souls – they can have the same power as Jesus’ disciples did when he was on earth with them and thereafter.

Jesus can still heal today, but now that he is a spirit, rapport has to first be established between him and the sick human. Spirits can also transmit power through humans to bring about a healing. The healer is working with a “borrowed” power – cf. John of God in South America and others. Spirits can and do pray and intercede for humans on earth.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth

Limitations of the Church

No clergyman, no matter how high, can bestow on a person the Divine Love – only God has that power. The way to the Divine Love is not through a church, but only through the true and earnest aspiration of the soul. No mediator is necessary, but all humans can come to God directly through prayer and ask for his love. Their prayers need to express their sincere desires. Written and repeated prayers where the soul is not involved are not effective.

By the same token, no clergyman can relieve a soul from sin or forgive a sinner. This is not to say that a church cannot be instrumental in leading people into the Kingdom, but often there is an overemphasis on creeds and dogmas. Ultimately, religion is a matter purely between God and each individual soul. The word “religion” from its original Latin root word means relinking, that is, relinking, or forming a relationship, with God.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth


No one really knows their own inner condition — has an accurate self-perception — until they have shed the mortal body and become a transparent spirit. Then all their inmost thoughts become apparent and the person becomes as it were a mirror of their true self. All that was hidden on earth is uncovered in the spirit world. One can be a good person to outward appearances, even be a clergyman faithful to the creeds and sacraments of their church – yet lack soul involvement in their practices and be devoid of the Divine Love and unity with God. In the spirit world, this may then have unexpected consequences and disappointment. Instead of inheriting heavenly bliss as hoped, the individual may have to do some purification work first which may involve suffering.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth

Effects of Prayer

Prayer may not remove the cause of worry, that is, the actual problem. However, it acts on human consciousness in such a way that it helps the person view the situation in a new way. Prayer changes a person internally – in their real self. Faith and prayer bring results over time as both God and His ministering spirits come to our aid. There will be improvement in the qualities of soul, mind and spirit with increased perception and mental strength.

God is loving and caring Father and always answers prayers for the Divine Love. He however leaves requests for earthly needs for his ministering spirits and angels to answer. These come in contact with and influence the human souls in such a way that people feel that their prayers have been answered.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth